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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Joel and Julia are pacing around their house when Timm(MMmm)mm finally arrives. "Oh, Porsche," Joel grumbles as the dude pulls up, 45 minutes late. He makes no better impression when he comes in, talking about his stupid conference call. "Bet you're glad you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff, right Joel?" he cheeses. Julia, who is dressed like an Amish school boy, laughs uncomfortably. "Wow, stay-at-home dad," Timm continues. "What do I have to do to get that job, right?" Lord. Somebody kill this guy. "Seriously, though," he adds. "It's honorable, what you do." Gag. Julia is caught in the middle of a lot of macho dick measuring. Blergh. I hate this storyline. And Timmmmm.

Sarah comes downstairs, ready to leave, and finds Zeek there. He is picking up some stuff and takes a moment to complain about how Adam's house is run. Sarah is uncomfortable, not just to hear her brother's family run down, but because Camille is right behind her on the stairs. "Whoa, you look beautiful," Zeek says, seeing his wife. She gives him the cold shoulder and does not respond. "So," he says, trying again, "where you girls off to? The cotillion?" Ugh. So sad. Sarah says they're going to an art gallery. "My whole class is going," Camille says, with casual frostiness, and when he tries to talk to her further, she breezes out, saying they'd better get going. Sarah looks guiltily at her dad and follows her mom out the door.

At the art gallery, Sarah meets Camille's teacher... um, the dude is a player. He schmoozes over as soon as they come in, and flirts shamelessly with Camille, "stealing her away" while Sarah stands awkwardly by herself.

Back at Julia's, Joel is enduring the awfulness that is Timm(m)m(m)mMMm. The jag is talking a lot of financial bullshit, making sure to explain to Joel stuff he already knows, just being an all-around assclown, really. He, OF COURSE, gets a call in the middle of dinner and has to take it. "You're my hero," Julia whispers, as Joel grins and bears it, once again.

Back at the art studio, Sarah stands at the hors d'oeuvres table and sullenly watches Camille and Matthew, the art teacher, flirt in the next room. "Unbelieveable!" she says to a little queenie man who walks up just looking for some canapes. "Look at her, flirting and giggling! It's like she's in the Sex and the City movie." The little man gasps. "Oh, I'm so looking forward to seeing that sequel!" he says. Sarah turns on him. "Well, so am I!" she snaps. "I'm not dead inside! But the fact is, that guy's a homewrecker!" The tiny man backs away saying he's going to go look at some art.

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