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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Crosby is... house shopping? Ah, he saw an open house sign and now a realtor shows him through a cute two-bedroom, talking up the neighborhood. "Do you think a piano would fit through that door?" he asks, pointing to the front. "Upright or grand?" the realtor asks. Crosby: "Well, it's not Elton John's piano, so... upright." The realtor titters politely. Crosby asks if the local schools are any good, and the guy says they are. "Do you have a family?" he asks. Crosby says it's, uh, complicated. "I did recently acquire a son," he says. "He's really cute." He proudly shows the realtor pictures of Jabbar and Jasmine. "Is it just the three of you?" the realtor asks. Crosby: "Yyyyeah, probably. The piano's a definite, though. The rest of it's a work in progress." The guy shows him the rest of the house, ending in the kitchen, off of which is the washer/dryer unit. "You know what?" Crosby says. "I know how to operate these." The realtor declines to congratulate him on doing something he ought to have known how to do all along.

Adam and Kristina have brought Max to the pet store to reward him for his successful no-tantrums progress report... with a pet. They are quite insane, no doubt, though they obviously know Max pretty well. He doesn't want a dog -- something his grandfather tries to push on him -- he wants a turtle. Zeek casts aspersions, but Max is firm. "I like him," Max says. "He's thinking." He wants the tortoise, and will name him Miles. "Excellent choice,"

Sarah comes upstairs at HQ to ask her mom if she wants to order pizza that night. "I just saw someone eating it on TV," she says, "and it looks so good." People eating on TV has long been a downfall of mine. I remember this particularly effective Taco Bell commercial when I was college. Every time I saw it, I HAD to have Taco Bell, which I did not even like. My roommates would throw themselves in front of our TV, trying to protect me, but it never worked. I was hypnotized! Sarah finds her mom in the bathroom, putting the finishing touches on a very fancy outfit and, frankly, a controversial hairstyle. What is UP with your 'do, Bonnie Bedelia? There are like, curly pieces on the sides, and an inverted mushroom thing happening on top and some kind of duck tail in the back? I am not following. She tells Sarah she is going out -- her whole art class is attending a gallery opening together. Sarah, without indicating it, smells that something's up and invites herself along. "Girls night out!" she says. Her mom is not exactly pleased, but can't exactly refuse. "Okay," she says, "go get dressed." Sarah looks at her jeans and casual shirt. "I am dressed," she says. Camille lays the Classic Mom line on her: "No, really dressed."

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