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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Anyway, Crosby says, if there's too much weight, he'll just hang out with tinier, curly-haired people, like Jabbar. With this, he tickles Jabbar into a frenzy, and my heart grows three sizes. Jasmine asks why Crosby can't store the piano at Adam's. "I can't really do that to him, Crosby says. "He's already storing my dad." Aw. Well, Jasmine says, if that's the case, there's only one other option. "You're gonna need a bigger boat, mate! ARRR!" she says, murdering the famous Jaws quote, complete with the wrong accent. "You did Quinn!" Crosby says. "And it's Ray Scheider's line, I think." Jasmine smirks at him: "Actually, it's Roy Scheider's line." Happily, she brings the dinner to the table, and serves it up. "This is really nice," Crosby says, and they smile moonily at each other, repeating about 10 times how nice it is while Jabbar chows down and wonders why parents are so weird.

Back at Adam's, Zeek is watching the game when suddenly the TV changes automatically to SpongeBob. He freaks out, of course, but this time I can't blame him. If that song started blasting in my face unexpectedly, I would also become enraged. Perhaps not to the extent that Zeek does, screaming for Adam to come fix his TV while Max sits down and starts watching his show. Kristina and Adam make Zeek go into another room so they can explain the situation to him like he, himself, is a child. They have to limit Max's TV time, and it has to be predictable for Max, so the TV is set up to switch to SpongeBob right at 7 p.m., and when it's over, it turns itself off. "Ever since we set it up this way, we haven't had a single fight about the TV," Adam says. Kristina: "It's good for Max." Zeek asks if there aren't any exceptions like, even for overtimes or something. A valid question, kind of, but Adam gets mad. "Hey," he says, his facing going hard. "If you don't like it here..." Kristina tries to intervene, but the machismo has already taken over. "You wanna play it that way?" Zeek asks. Zeek sulks up the stairs, saying he'll just go upstairs and listen to the game on his radio, with the crickets. "I'm gonna kill him," Adam says to Kristina, when he's gone. She is all for that.

At school, Haddie stops Amber in the hall to invite her to the slumber party. "It's stupid, but could also be really fun!" Haddie says. "I really want you to come." Amber tries to beg off, citing her algebra test. Is this slumber party happening on a school night? I don't understand how this town has no weekends. Anyway, Haddie begs her to come, saying that she has to be there. "Seriously, when you make fun of Steve, it makes me feel so much better!" she says. "Please!" Flummoxed, Amber can't do anything but say yes, though of course she would rather die of shame than go.

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