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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

At Julia's, Joel is cleaning up kid toys, and wondering how it is that Julia had lunch with Timmmm, specifically to talk about Zeek's investment, and somehow failed to bring up... Zeek's investment. "It's just like I said," Julia says. "It got cut short for that conference call with Tokyo." Joel: "Tokyo. What a jerk." Hee. "He's a jerk because he had a conference call with someone in Tokyo?" Julia asks, and Joel very rightly says that, you know, he's allowed not to like someone. "Just like you never liked Stacey," he says. Julia insists that Stacey was not likeable. "She had that weird, tall-girl way of walking around," she says. "So arrogant!" Hey! I am tall! Excuse me while I go parade in front of the mirror to see if I look arrogant. Lord, I hope so. Joel suggests they have Timmmmm over for dinner. "No, no, no, no..." Julia says, but Joel insists that he'll behave, if Tim(mmm)m does. "Your dad needs help," he says. "And, he's been so kind to me over the years, what with the eunuch jokes." Ugh. Stupid Zeek. "So, you'd do this for me?" Julia asks, smiling and wrapping her arms around him. "If only he knew how much of a eunuch you're not." Joel laughs: "Let's tell him!" And they smooch it up. I really like Joel, and I love that he stays home with Sydney, but I wish they would do some backstory on how they came to this decision and why Julia, Madame Career, decided to have a baby at 25, anyway.

Jasmine and Jabbar are visiting the houseboat for dinner, as Crosby measures the boat trying to find a place for his piano. Naturally, Jasmine is cooking dinner, as Crosby has probably never used his kitchen other than to warm up pizza. "Just because people don't normally put pianos on houseboats, doesn't mean it's not a good idea!" he says. "I'm an innovator! I'm like the first guy to put a microwave on a houseboat. They probably said that guy was crazy." Jasmine reminds him that a microwave weighs 10 pounds. "And a piano," Jabbar chimes in, "weighs six meeeeellion!" Crosby says it's more like 600, which is well-within the carrying capacity of the vessel. May I pause here and tell a brief story of my husband's 40th birthday party? It was two years ago, and I rented a houseboat, as a total surprise to him, on one of our local lakes. Eight friends came from all over the country to celebrate with us for three nights, and we totally, utterly BAMBOOZLED him with our trickery. When I look back on it, now, I realize I worked harder on that weekend than I did on my own wedding. Which may explain why I had to have an emergency appendectomy the day after it was all over. Worth it, people! Totes worth it -- and it was an appendectomy the hard way, not the new-fangled laparoscopic way. No! Major abdominal surgery, and I would do it all again. I am not sure why they didn't take my liver out at the same time, because that's definitely the organ that took the most abuse that weekend, for real. Rest assured, though he may try, my husband will never top it. I turn 40 in three years (sob!) and he might as well give up now.Unlessssss.... Well, no. Nevermind. Where would he even get an elephant?

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