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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Julia is at her kitchen table, looking through Zeek's financial papers, when Joel comes in. She can't believe her dad got so upside-down on his property deal, but is determined to get him out of it. The whole problem between her parents, she says, is because of this bad investment, and if she fixes it, she can get them back together and everything back to normal. Oh, the innocence of the youngest child. Joel feels bad for her, but says that he looked through the stuff, too, and can't see how she can do much for Zeek. Julia pauses. "That's actually what I needed to talk to you about," she says, kind of nervous. "I was thinking of calling Tim." Joel blanches. "I know Tim's not your favorite person," she says. Joel: "Not even close." Julia says yes, but Tim knows real estate. "Well, I know real estate, Julia," Joel reminds her. "I was a contractor." Julia knows he's upset, and says yes, but Tim is a fund manager with a ton of connections. "This is his job," she says. "Tim," Joel grouses. "Timmmmmm." Julia: "Okay, so he has two Ms in his name. Let's keep it in perspective." Oh, NO. Joel: "I am... mmmm." Hee. Joel shrugs and said that this Timm dude tried to steal her from him -- how does she expect him to react? "It's for my dad," Julia says, and Joel is chagrined. "Okay," he says. "I'll do it for himmmmmm. Not Timmmmm." Awesome.

Jasmine and Crosby have arrived at a laundromat. Crosby, frankly, looks nervous. "Relax," Jasmine tells him as she catches him cringing at the machines. "It's not the large super collider." But, see, she doesn't understand. He had "the perfect setup!" You know, the one where he'd take his laundry over to his parents' house and sit around watching TV until it was "magically" done and folded! I am not sure why Jasmine doesn't kick him in the shins, but she somehow refrains. "Now that they're in this fight," he says, "I can't even stop by there, because it's too stressful." Jasmine: "It's a real tragedy." She makes an attempt to teach him the mysteries of sorting. "You know how to separate colors, right?" she asks. He smiles. "Well, you know I don't know how to separate... colors," he says, moving in to kiss her. "Why are you trying segregate my laundry?" Why are they trying to make me root for Crosby? Because he can be so lame, and yet I love him, somehow, especially with Jasmine.

Adam is at work, takin' care of business on the phone when Sarah comes in, all morose. She sits down on the other side of his desk while he excitedly goes over figures and plans with some colleague. He is still talking when he looks up to notice that his sister has started crying. "You okay?" he asks, worried. "What's going on?" She breaks down. "You want to know why Mom was so upset last night?" she says. Adam assumes it's because Zeek didn't tell their mom about the investment issue. "Adam," Sarah cries. "Dad cheated on Mom." She says Camille made her promise not to tell, but she just can't handle it. Adams goes white. "When did this happen?" he asks. Sarah says she doesn't know, but that Adam has to promise not to tell, too. "All right, I promise." he says, shaking his head distantly. "God," he says, getting angry. "That son-of-a-bitch."

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