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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

At HQ, the attic is being cleared out, but good. Crosby has enlisted the help of Joel, Adam and Drew to carry his piano down the stairs. It is going about as well as one might expect such an endeavor to go. Ed. Note: pianos are heavy. The three gentlemen conscripted into service enjoy ribbing Crosby about how they are going to crash his "priceless instrument." Joel is especially hilarious, asking in the emergency-tone for everyone to hold on, then relaxing for a minute against the wall while Crosby bears the most weight. "Oh, Don Rickles is here," Crosby groans while the others laugh. "The first time you've ever made a joke and you decided to do it while I'm holding a piano." Joel admits that it felt pretty good. "I'm never gonna ask you guys to help me move anything again!" Crosby grouses. Drew: "You promise?" Hee.

Back in the attic, Sydney is looking through her mom's stuff, and runs across an old photograph. "I like this picture, Mommy," she says. "You look like a princess." It's a prom picture. "Is that Daddy?" Sydney asks, pointing to the guy in the photo. "No, sweetie, look at it," Julia says. "That's my friend, Timm." Oh, Sydney says: "Timmmmm." Awesome.

Finally, in the driveway, the piano has been loaded into the back of Crosby's truck. "Okay, to thank you for your not-so-heroic efforts," Crosby says, sitting down at the glorious 88, "I present to you 'Solace: A Mexican Serenade.'" His siblings groan. "NO!" Adam yells. "Play something else!" As he starts, Jasmine asks them what's wrong with this song. "This is the song he played for his sixth grade recital," Adam says. Sarah: "We've heard it ten thousand times." Aw. "This is going to take me back in time to a very, very unattractive hairdo." As Crosby plays on, the family can't help dancing around. "Go ahead, Joel," Crosby calls out, "give Jasmine a whirl." Even Max pulls Drew in on the action. It is all super, mega, ultra-cute. Off to the side, Amber watches everyone. Camille steps up and puts her arms around her granddaughter. Without knowing it, they share their pain. Everyone's there, except Haddie. She's back at her house, sitting in her room, alone.

Later, Camille sets up her studio and is visited by Sarah. They share a painful smile. At Adam's, Zeek finds Miles in his shoe. "He doesn't have a very good sense of smell," he tells Adam. Hilarious. Adam suggests he go give the turtle to Max, who will be thrilled, but Zeek declines. "You know something, Sonny," he says, as Adam prepares to go deliver Miles, "you're ten times the father I was." Adam smiles. "No, I'm not," he says. "Five times, maybe." They are interrupted by Max, who sees Miles and loses his mind with what passes for happiness. They listen to him run upstairs. "Do you think your mom's going to forgive me?" Zeek asks his son. "I wouldn't," Adam says. "But, then again, I haven't been married for 46 years."

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