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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Adam and Zeek are in the yard with a flashlight, searching for Miles. Poor Adam and his nonstop wildlife adventures in his yard. "I think I've got him," Adam says, shining the light on a small object in the grass. "If that's him," Zeek says, "I'm gonna enter him into a marathon." He has a point. It is fairly unlikely a tortoise would make it down the stairs of their house in under three weeks. Zeek isn't making this easy on anyone, of course, and suggests they go to the pet store, get a golden retriever and let him find the turtle. "Stop with the damn dog," Adam says, frustrated, still looking for Miles. "Well, you really ought to get Max a real pet, Adam," Zeek says, never one to notice when he's crossed a line. "Oh, MY GOD," Adam finally snaps. "Would you SHUT UP?" Kudos to Peter Krause for that particular line delivery. There's nothing like getting unwanted advice when you're stressed, as only a parent can dole it out. Adam, pushed to his limit, goes for the throat. "You think I don't know why you're here?" he yells. "I know that you cheated on Mom." Zeek goes quiet, for once. "Who told you that?" he asks. Adam says it doesn't matter, and Zeek shoots back that it's none of his damn business, anyway. "How could you do that to her?" Adam asks. Zeek: "We did it to each other, Adam." Uggggh. He even goes so far as to dust off that old gem, "it takes two to tango." Adam can't stand it. "That's a load of crap, you son of a bitch," he says. Zeek gets mad, now, that his son isn't seeing it his way. "When you've been married 46 years, you come and talk to me," he says. "Until then, you just back the hell off." Somehow, his son doesn't kill him, and with that, he goes back into the house, leaving Adam in the dark.

Also experiencing some communication issues are Julia and Joel, back at their house. Poor Joel has had enough of Timm and all his Ms. "We're done with that guy," he says. "I don't trust him." Julia begs him not to let baggage from a million years ago mess up what they're trying to do for her dad. "This isn't about baggage," he says. "It's about him, bundling money, like all the crooks who got this country into the whole mess it's in." Julia defensively reminds him that Timm is not a criminal. "We can find somebody better to help your dad," Joel says. "Somebody who's not such a scumbag. For starters: me." He says can drive out and look at the property and maybe do some work on it to bring the value up. "Joel, we're not putting any more money into this," Julia says firmly. "That's throwing good money after bad. You don't have a say in this." Damn, girl. Joel is stunned that she would go there. "You gotta be kidding me," he says, almost like he's unable to believe he heard her right. This show really gets marriage right, man. "You know I've been over the numbers," Julia says, trying to back peddle the emotion. "The whole thing is huge! And there's no one who will do us this kind of massive favor that Timm is talking about doing." Her voice cracking, she repeats that the crisis is huge and that her parents' marriage is in the balance. "I don't know what else to say," she says, in closing, and Joel can only shrug and walk out.

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