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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans
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Oh, AMBER. Morning dawns on the golf course and Amber finds herself laid out in a gazebo, on top of Steve, clothes strewn around. Immediately, serious regret hits her like train, and she jumps up, frantic to leave, yelling at Steve that if he tells anyone about what they did, she'll kill him. "Can't we talk about this?" Steve asks, hurt. Amber, hastily buttoning her uniform blouse, says no, they can't. "Because there is no 'we,'" she says. "You're Haddie's boyfriend! I'm her cousin! I can't believe I did this!" Steve reminds her that he is no longer Haddie's boyfriend, and seems amazed that she's upset. "Last night," he says, "I know you felt it, too." Crazed, Amber says none of that matters. "I can't do this with you!" she cries, and runs away.

Things are... crowded in Adam's kitchen. The family is already busily trying to get their day started when Zeek wanders in. "Morning, Grandpa," Max says, which surprises me -- maybe he has been working on social greetings with Gabby. Adam asks how Zeek slept, and he says there was a chirping in his head all night. "Those were my crickets!" Max announces. Zeek smirks that that's a nice pet. He takes a sip of coffee and grimaces again asking what it is. "It's hazelnut," Kristina says, and while I am totally on her side that a guest should like it or lump it, I also hate flavored coffee. But not enough to act like a dick about it, as Zeek does. He grabs his jacket and says he's going out to get some coffee, and some donuts. This sets off a bomb in the kitchen, of course, because Max is furious that he can't have donuts, himself. He throws a huge fit, which Zeek waves away as he closes the door.

Sarah is making pancakes at HQ, trying to explain to Drew that they need to be extra-nice to Camille right now because she and Grandpa had a fight. Drew is concerned, but perhaps more concerned about the pancakes he's about to have to eat. "Do you want a real-done one, or a not-done one?" Sarah asks him, ultimately serving him one of each. A balanced breakfast. Amber comes in, looking totally disheveled. "You're home early," Sarah says, as Drew cuts his sister a look. Amber mumbles something about her friend Kayla, with whom I presume she was supposed to be sleeping over (on a school night?), and cuts her mom off, saying they can talk later. Sarah is looking concerned about this when they are interrupted by Camille, who cannot stop for these "delicious" pancakes, because she is on her way out to painting class. Dude, what time is it? You have a painting class at 7:30 in the morning? Well, wait a minute -- what do I know? I can barely paint a wall with a roller. At the door, Camille announces that she's finally decided to convert the attic to a painting studio, something she has talked about for years. "Right now?" Sarah asks, surprised. Camille: "Yeah, and there's a lot of junk up there..." Sarah is upset. "Junk? Mom, that's all of our childhood stuff up there," she says. Camille says yeah, and they're all going to have to go up there and go through it, and take what they want, because "whatever's left, I'm going to either give away or... burn." Dang! Sarah and Drew look worried.

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