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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam

Adam is in Old Man Hell. His father insists they share a hotel room, flirts with the desk clerk ("Moneesha!") and walks around the room in his drawers forcing Adam to watch "Ice Road Truckers." What is it about certain dudes of a certain age where suddenly all pretense of them caring about social conventions goes out the window? Like, they'll walk into the middle of the room, change the TV channel, turn the volume up to 11, fart loudly, talk over people... When you pass age 55, do you suddenly revert to infancy? Adam is trying to pin Zeek down to get to the real deal about this property thing. Adam says he just doesn't think the property is all that great an investment for his company. "I wish it was, and you're a great salesman," he says, "but I don't think you really believe it is, either." Zeek keeps trying. "Long-term , it is," he insists. Adam says, well, then, he should hold onto it. Finally, Zeek comes clean: "I can't, Sonny," he says. He goes on that he didn't tell Adam anything about it because Adam is his first-born son. He never wanted to have to come to him for anything like this. "I give to you," he says. "Especially now, with Max..." Adam is seeing the light: "How bad is it?" he asks. Zeek says it's really bad. He might lose the house -- he took out a second mortgage on the house. "Oh, Pops," Adam says. Zeek: "The country's in the toilet; it's not just me." Dude, that is true. I mean, I hate the phrase "in the toilet," but financially the bowl just keeps getting more crowded. If you see me swimming by, say hello. Desperately, Zeek asks Adam if he thinks there is any chance they'll go for the sale. "Dad," Adam says, trying to be reasonable. "I said I'd talk to them." Zeek is grateful, but down. Adam asks if he's told Camille. "Oh, I can't," Zeek says. Adam says he'll talk to the board, but that Zeek has got to tell Camille.

Crosby has put on a tie and is trying his best to be SuperDad at Jabbar's party. Jasmine's family, however, is giving him the frost, big time, especially Jasmine's brother, Sekou, and Renee, Jasmine's mom. He is polite to them, anyway, which impresses me, and when the entire Braverman clan rolls in, jokes, "Who let all these white people in here?" Heeeeee. Good one, show. Later, he tries again to make nice with Renee and Sekou, telling them about his houseboat. "Oh, that's an interesting choice," Renee says, coldly. Camille sees this all going down and, like any great mom, tries to help her son by smoothing his path. "Sekou," she says, "that's a beautiful name." She turns to Renee: "You named him after Sekou Toure, the African independence leader, I assume." Renee is amazed. "Now, how did you know that?" she asks, like the history of Africa is a secret known only to black people. "Berkeley in the '60s, babe," Camille says, earning a very nerdy chortle from my husband, the '60s historian. Oh, you nerd. Sekou sees things going well, and can't stand it. "I'm sorry," he says, "but this is weird. Where have you been?" Crosby says he understands, and that he wished he could have been there for Jabbar the whole time. He says he's just glad to be in his life, now, and hopes he can be a good role model. "He has a role model," Sekou says. "Me." Jasmine tries to intervene to get her brother to shut it, but he's mad, going off about how he's been there for Jabbar since he was born, and now Crosby is trying to roll in like he's never been gone. Crosby, who could totally put Jasmine on blast right now, does not. Well, he doesn't even get the chance, really, because Zeek jumps in, despite every Braverman's attempt to distract him. "You seem to have a wonderful family," he says to the room. "I've met you and like you all. But why are you treating my son like he's a pariah? The only reason I can think of, is because he's white." Oh, DAAAAMN. The poor Bravermans jump in again. "We think he has Tourette's," Sarah says, as everyone desperately shakes their heads and tries to laugh it off.

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