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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam

The true reason of the Acumen Journey has finally been revealed: Zeek bought a crappy unfinished factory and warehouse space and is presenting it as "a great opportunity" to Adam's company. Long story short, Zeek bought this dumb place, is now underwater on it, and is passive-aggressively trying to harass his son into bailing him out by purchasing it from him. UGH. He gives a pretty good speech about how great it would be to have a local-ish factory and be able to hire American workers (as if), and makes Adam get out his cell phone to take photos to show his board of directors.

Crosby is trying to help Jasmine decorate her apartment for the party, and damned if I don't feel sorry for the man. First of all, her apartment is not at all tiny. Secondly, she won't let him DO anything, and third(ly?), he's walking around trying to decorate and seeing all these pictures of Jabbar in the first five years of his life that he didn't even know about and can't get back. Finally, it all comes to the surface. Jasmine doesn't want to talk about it, but she can't avoid it anymore. "You robbed me of five years of my son's life," Crosby says. "What gave you the right to do that?" Jasmine defensively says she called him four times! And he never called her back! "What was I supposed to do?" she asks, surely knowing how dumb that sounds. "Leave you a message on your answering machine? 'Hey, Crosby, it's Jasmine! I'm pregnant! Call me back!" Um... yes? I mean, how else was he supposed to know? She says more truthfully that after he didn't call her back, she realized she didn't even want him to. "I had this big, serious thing to do," she says. "Have a baby, and raise that baby. And what I didn't need is some flaky guy in the picture." Crosby says that Jabbar's his son, and she doesn't get to just make those decisions. Oh, Jasmine is about to go off. "This is my son; I gave birth to him," she snaps. "All of a sudden now you wanna play Daddy?" Well, woman, isn't that what you've been wanting him to do?! She's still mad about the skanky playdate and Jabbar being left in the pool with some stranger. "It wasn't some stranger," Crosby says, stretching the truth. "It was a lifeguard." Okay, the guy could swim. Crosby says he wants all of Jabbar's aunts and uncles and cousins to be at the party to celebrate his son. "They have a right to be here," he says, which... they don't, really, but whatever. Jasmine is worn out by all of this. Finally, she gives it up. Her family thinks he abandoned Jabbar. "They think I knew about Jabbar and that I just blew him off?" he asks, incredulous. She cringes, saying she never though he'd be back in Jabbar's life again. She apologizes and tells him to invite everyone. "I have to admit," Crosby says, nicely, "I like when you screw up. It makes me feel like we're more [equal]."

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