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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam

"I'm a horrible person, honey," Kristina says later to Adam. "Because when Julia told me there might be something wrong with Sydney, part of me felt glad and happy. What would be so wrong with having someone else in the family like Max?" Adam agrees that they would be less isolated. "You're horrible, too!" Kristina says, helping him pack clothes for his Acumen Trip. And, really, it is kind of horrible, but so real. When major traumas have occurred in my life, the number one issue I have in dealing with them is feeling like no one understands me. It is agonizing and definitely isolating to go through something really difficult while everyone around you seems to be living "normal" lives... which is essentially why I recommend group therapy to anyone going through anything. Um... that was a soapbox, sorry. Anyway, Kristina doesn't even really think Sydney has Aspergers. "Look at Sydney compared to Max," she says. "There's no way they have the same thing." Adam says yeah, maybe Sydney has ADD or something like that. "Yeah, or OTB," Kristina says. Adam: "Off-track betting?" Kristina says she did do one good thing. "I didn't tell her about Max's rubber band ball," she says. Adam says this proves she's not horrible. "You're a sweetie," he says, and they share a marital fist-bump of solidarity. She thanks him for making her feel better. "Now you could make me feel better," he says, knowingly. She laughs. "I'll get you the lotion," she says, and my jaw once again hits the floor. "Lotion rub!" she sings, just in case we didn't get it the first time. Dudes! A family show!

Crosby has gotten "in" on the birthday planning for Jabbar, trailing Jasmine around a party store, making suggestions on themes. "Ooh, Batman!" he says. "What do you think?" Jasmine rolls her eyes and says, yeah, they did Batman two years ago. Crosby asks if he likes G.I. Joe. Dripping with disdain, Jasmine says Jabbar's friend had a G.I. Joe party last month. "Well, I know he likes Sponge Bob!" Crosby says, thinking he's hit on a great idea. Jasmine cannot hide her snark that yeah, he loves Sponge Bob: "We did that last year." Finally, Crosby has had enough. "Maybe I should ask for the list of things that you've already done," he says. Jasmine snaps that Crosby is the one who wanted to come on this errand. "He's my kid!" Crosby says. "I want to plan his party; I want to be a part of this." Jasmine sighs and reaches out for the first thing she can grab -- baseball decorations. "Yeah, okay!" Crosby says, going with it. "Bravermans love baseball." Jasmine says great, and sends him off to get plates and utensils. "About a dozen," she says, which stops him in his tracks. "That won't even cover my family," he says, and finally the penny drops. "Are you saying my family's not invited?" Jasmine cringes. "You've seen my apartment," she says, making an excuse, and poorly. "It's tiny." He says they're his family, too. She suggests, then, that he invite four people from his family. "Yeah, like Survivor," he says, "I'll just pick four." He asks how many from her family are coming. She mumbles that, you know, maybe 10 or 15. Crosby sighs. "Just promise me," he says, "that we're gonna have an A's theme party, and not a Giants." Jasmine gives him the biggest eye-roll, yet. "A's?" she says. "Step aside." Hee. Crosby, flabbergasted, says this is going to get ugly. Not uglier, possibly, than the painfully hipster fedora he is wearing, but ugly just the same.

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