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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam

Kristina and Adam have collapsed into bed, exhausted from getting Max to sleep. "The eagle has landed," Adam says, climbing in next to his wife. Also, he adds, laughing: "I found Sydney's ball underneath his pillow." Kristina is amazed that Sydney would give the ball to Max, but um, no -- he actually stole it. She flips, reaching for the phone, saying they need to call Julia and apologize and tell her where the ball is. "What, and give it back?" Adam says, smirking. "Screw that." He says, look, if Sydney's such a little genius, she can make a thousand balls using cold fusion. Heeee. Kristina, smiling but trying to be reasonable, says they need to explain to Max that stealing is not okay. Eventually, though, they can't help but laugh. Call it a little karmic balancing. Their laughing wakes Max up, and he comes and climbs in bed with his parents with his water beetle book. "You know how much we love you, buddy?" Adam asks. Max: "As much as I love beetles."

SO, I'M ALREADY CRYING when we cut back to Jasmine and Crosby, talking about Jabbar's hilarious cake overdose. "He's very cute, our son," Jasmine says. Crosby says, yeah, he thinks he's falling in love. Jasmine, at the sink, gets the big eyes of terror. "With Jabbar!" Crosby assures her. "You look like you saw a ghost." Hee. Finishing the dishes, she suggests that Crosby join her in the living room. She has something to show him. The video of the birth of his son. His eyes fill with tears.

Back in the HQ guest house, there is happy news. Amber stomps in and announces to her mom that she's sent Damian back to Fresno. "It had absolutely nothing to do with you," she wants Sarah to understand, and stomps back out again. Awesome.

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