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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam

Sekou feels like the obvious has been stated and Renee finally speaks up. "Maybe it's because he's irresponsible," she says. Zeek, admirably controlled, says that that is not his understanding of the situation. "Well," Renee says, "there's a five-year-old little boy here that he hasn't seen... for five years." Even now, Crosby plays it mature and does not jump to his own defense, and finally, seeing this all go down, Jasmine tells the truth. "I never told him about his son," she says. Her family is shocked. "It was easier for me to lie to you," she says, "and make you think he was just like dad. If you're gonna be mad at anyone, be mad at me." The whole room stares until finally the silence is broken. Leave it to the wonderful Jabbar to put it all back in perspective: "Is it time for cake?!" he asks, excited and, the tension broken, everyone cheers the birthday boy.

Another gathering goes on that night at HQ. Dang, these people spend a lot of time together. Do none of them have friends? Zeek gets on Sarah's back about why Amber was absent from Jabbar's party. Sarah, while Camille looks on, mumbles that Amber was studying. Adam gets on Zeek's back about telling Camille about the mortgage situation, and he mumbles that he hasn't done it, but will. All of this is awkward, but none of it is as awkward as Julia sitting down with Kristina and trying, but failing, to casually thank her for the books and support about Asperger's, but um, Sydney actually tested gifted. Kristina has... a FEW emotions all at once (geez, I love Monica Potter), but says she is happy for Julia and Sydney. And she is happy, I'm sure, but then again... you know? How hard must something like that be? It breaks my heart in a million pieces.

So, see, I'm already on the verge of tears when Amber cruises through the kitchen and says she's going out. Everybody looks at Sarah like she's responsible for this horrible event that is ruining the family. Dutifully, but probably full of familial hate, Sarah follows Amber out to the porch. "We missed you at the party," she says, and tries to give her a piece of cake she wrapped up and saved for her. Amber is all whatevs, says she'll eat it when she comes back, and blowing off her mom, heads for the door. "Why won't you take the cake?" Sarah asks, kind of stridently, and if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. Amber says she doesn't want it, and Sarah finally just gives up. "I'm done trying to control you," she says. "It just doesn't work." Amber shrugs and says, you know, she's fine. "Are you?" Sarah asks. "Sometimes, I'm not sure." She goes on that she doesn't want them to be like this, that she loves Amber so much, and that she thinks she'll just give up and... get along with and trust her daughter. I'm not a bad writer, but I don't even have words for how great Lauren Graham is, here. Amber is shocked into openness. "Okay," she says, quietly. "I'm meeting Damian. He's picking me up." And, sighing, she takes the cake. Sarah watches her go, and with no other recourse, bangs her head on the wall.

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