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You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubberband Starts to Jam
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Joel and Julia are at Sydney's school for a meeting. Sydney's annoying teacher reports -- as they all sit at a child's tiny work table looking like a bunch of oversized clowns -- that Sydney is "obsessed" with a rubber band ball she has taken to bouncing around the room during class. "She uses the ball to draw attention to herself," the teacher says, also suggesting that Sydney might have made the ball out of a box of rubber bands taken from her desk. Um, Mama, Esq., ain't having that. "When would she be able to do that?" Julia grills. "Is she ever left in the room alone? Then you don't have any evidence that she could do that?" Joel stifles the Perry Mason cross-examination and the teacher says no, she's not certain about the stealing. "I was going to let it run its course," she says, "but... when it became a danger..." Ugh. Joel asks what she means. "She hit little Jaden Krantz in the head with that ball," the teacher says. No one points out that Sydney probably did it because the kid's name is Jaden. Teach reluctantly adds that she doesn't think Sydney did it on purpose, and that Jaden is okay. "She may have been aiming at me," the teacher says, nervously watching Julia, who seems to have become fascinated with the ball, herself, and is tossing it up and down. Joel grabs her hand, again, telling the teacher they'll take care of this matter with Sydney. "I can take this, right?" Julia asks, holding up her new toy.

At Adam's office, Zeek has arrived with delicious Italian food to share with his son for lunch. His doctor, to his shock, has told him he can't eat garlic knots... which he is eating now, with abandon. After inappropriately ogling a female employee, he gets to the gist of the lunch: he wants Adam to come with him on an overnight trip to see some "investment property." Adam is confused as to why his father would ask for his advice on something like that. "Because you have real estate-slash-business acumen, son," he says. Adam: "Acumen?" He is obviously swayed by this complimentary vocabulary, even in the face of having to spend "father and son time" with his crazy father, because he says he'll call Kristina and make sure it's clear with her. "That's all I wanted to hear," Zeek says. "You're not going to be sorry." He offers Adam some garlic knots. "Why don't I take those from you?" Adam suggests, trying to helpful with what is obviously a serious knot addiction. Zeek grabs the plate. "I'll have as many garlic knots," he says, "as I want."

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