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The Tracks of My Mother-Freakin' Tears

Later, she pulls up to her ex's house, where a totally disgruntled Drew slouches to the car. Her straggly ex tells her that, um, this just isn't the best time for him to have Drew live with him. He might have road dates come up, or whatever. "See you soon, champ," he calls to Drew in the car. "Maybe we can take in a game, or something?" Drew mumbles yeah, sure. Here's where I turned to my husband and, as I always do when a difficult father/son relationship comes up, began belting out "Cat's in the Cradle". Internet, if you are my age, you dated at least seven guys who told you all meaningfully at some point that that song was totally about them and their dads. "He just doesn't understand me," he'd say, while you sat there awed by the depths of true emotion he'd show only to you. Or he'd hope that is what you were doing, when actually you were concentrating with all your might on not rolling your eyes. My husband haaaates when I sing "Cat's in the Cradle" to him, and I know it's because he pulled that on some poor girl(s). Teenage boys are such jags.

Poor Drew, though. His mom pats his shoulder as they pull away, and later in the rain at a gas station, he cries and she sees it. "Oh, honey," she says, crying too. "You deserve a father. You deserve a great father. I shouldn't have married him. I'm really sorry." Again, my heart breaks. Wow, the first and second halves of this show were like night and day. "For what it's worth," she says, "you have me. I'm really sorry, but that's going to have to be enough." He hugs her, and I cry AGAIN.

I haven't even stopped crying when we cut to Julia, along with the whole family, watching Sydney's music recital. The little girl wears angel wings and sings "Who Can Sail Without Wind?" along with the choir. Suddenly, she sees her mom in the audience and waves. It takes Julia's breath away. "She was great!" Zeek says, turning to Julia, allowing him to notice that Kristina is sitting there alone, without Adam and Max. He goes outside to find them, where Max is jumping over and over into a mud puddle as Adam watches. "Just go back inside," Adam says, simply, and explains that Max can't walk past the candles in the hallway, so they are staying out on the playground. Zeek finds this preposterous and demands that Max come back in. "He just has to walk past them and he'll be fine," he says, but Adam says it's not that simple. "It is that simple, Adam," Zeek says. "I raised four kids!" Adam fights tears, but says calmly that no, it's not that simple. "There's something wrong," he says. "There's something wrong with my son. And, I'm going to need you to help me." Zeek goes quiet, and stares at his grandson in the puddles. After a minute, he takes a deep breath, and says okay. "Oh, Sonny," he says, and reaches for Adam. Yeah, I'm still crying.

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