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The Tracks of My Mother-Freakin' Tears

Later, or the next day or something, Adam shows up at Max's school. He calls him from the doorway and after a second, Max turns and looks at him. He's there to bring Max's book bag. While he asks if Max wants it hung up in the hallway, a kid walks by and says hello to Max. The pirate does not respond. "Max," Adam says, "that kid just said hello to you." Max just looks at his dad. Adam tells him that if he doesn't respond to people who say hello, they might think he's being rude. "Okay," Max says quickly. Adam: "Did you hear him say hello?" Max says, "Uh-huh." Just then, the bell rings, and Max simply turns and walks away. "Max!" his dad calls after him. "I love you." Max just gives a half-smile and turns away. Outside, Adam runs into another Little League dad who breaks it to him that the board voted and thinks he should not return to coach the rest of the season. Another dad can step in and coach, instead. "Oh," Adam says, over it. "Okay." The guy runs after him, saying that they've actually asked that he not be present at future games. Apparently the umpire is filing a lawsuit. Adam, perhaps burdened by a few other things on his mind, merely scoffs and walks off. "I'm really sorry, Adam," the guy calls after him. "It was a bad call!"

Adam goes home early for the day and is in his kitchen when Sarah arrives, wondering if Drew has come by. She is trying to explain about what happened with Jim when Crosby bursts in the back door, declaring himself in a pickle. "Katie already tried to move up the date," he says. "You gotta get me out of this engagement." Just as Sarah is registering her shock about this alleged engagement, Julia walks in to return some dishes. "Okay, this is about the frozen sperm thing," Julia says. Sarah: "I'm sorry? What?" Crosby is outraged that Adam shared his sperm story with Julia, but Julia brushes him off, instead breezing past Sarah to the kitchen. "Hi, crazy lady who yells at her sister from a date," she says. Sarah admits that she may have overreacted. "Why are you here?" Crosby asks his sisters. "This is Adam/Crosby time!" Adam tries to say that he didn't invite any of them, but Julia interrupts, saying that she's there to get Sydney who Kristina is picking up from school. "Joel has a dental thing and Sydney doesn't like me very much anyway, so..." They all insist that that is not true. "It's true!" Julia says, rationally. "She openly prefers Joel, and that's fine! Because I am a good lawyer, and he is a good father! She will be like... a relative of mine! See, I can manage this. I can lower my expectations." Adam has to cut in and tell her to hold that thought. "So," he says, turning back to Sarah, "are you saying we lost Drew?" Sarah explains that she is not sure, but it just might have something to do with Drew walking in on her and a half-named Jim last night. Julia: "You slept with Jim?! What happened to him being a fat, balding barista?" Sarah smiles and says she warmed to him. Adam and Julia laugh that she has been home for five minutes and already slept with someone, while Crosby tries to give his brother the high sign to get rid of the girls. Meanwhile, Sarah's phone rings. It's her ex-husband. Drew is with him. "Whatever you do, do not let him out of your sight! I am on my way," she says, hanging up. Turning to her siblings, she tearfully announces that Drew is "in mother-freakin' Fresno." As she hurries out, Adam offers to ride with her. "Thanks," she says, appreciative. "I'll do this."

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