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The Tracks of My Mother-Freakin' Tears

At Julia's House of Rejection and Sadness, she is singing her daughter a bedtime song when the child interrupts and asks if Daddy can sing to her, instead. Julia puts on a brave face and calls for Joel. "Uh, honey," Joel tells Sydney, "Mommy rushed home so that she could be here to..." Julia interrupts and says that it's okay, that she did get to read the book with Sydney. "And the book is the best, best, best part," Sydney says, which I suppose is something. As Joel begins the truly horrifying tale of the monkey chasing the weasel until the weasel goes pop, Julia makes a sad descent down the stairs.

Like a couple of drunk teenagers, Sarah and Jim flit in their underwear across the courtyard from her dad's study to the house's kitchen in search of snacks and wine. They are supercute. Tragically, every parent's nightmare becomes reality when Drew catches them in mid-celebration. "Hi, honey," Sarah says, trying to act normal as she stands there in Jim's shirt and her drawers. "How was dinner with Uncle Aaaa..." Too late. Drew runs upstairs. "Oh," Sarah whispers. "I am so dead."

The next day, Crosby meets Adam at lunch to talk about his problems. His problems consist of the following: a "flexible" dancer from his past has reappeared and wants to meet up with him, and he's not sure if he should see her, since he is "quasi-engaged." Adam is confused. "You're what?" he asks. Crosby shrugs. "You know, potentially in negotiations to get engaged to Katie." Adam says he thought they agreed that Crosby was going to confront her about the sperm situation. Crosby says yeah, he did. "And you ended up getting engaged?" Adam asks, amazed. Again, Crosby shrugs. He didn't get engaged, he explains, he simply agreed to have a child with Katie in the next three years. "So the married thing is kind of implied, right?" he asks. Adam is unimpressed. "Is this really how you want to live your life?" he asks. "You're an idiot." Crosby: "That's... pretty harsh." He pauses before adding: "Are you gonna eat your fries?"

Later, Adam runs into Kristina outside his office. She has seen the educational specialist who evaluated their son, and tries to explain how the report came back on Max. It appears he may have Asperger syndrome. What follows is a truly gut-wrenching scene. I can't recap it, really, because 1) they are talking all over each other; and 2) it is so hard to watch. Adam argues strongly that the day he was evaluated, Max was having a horrible day, that he is not autistic, he couldn't be, and that he does not want to send him to special ed. Kristina, tearful, tries to explain what Asperger's is, and how most people with it lead normal lives and what the therapist suggested that they do. Finally, she breaks down. "Honey," she yells, "there is something wrong with our baby." I am crying, just typing it. See what I'm saying? Feelings, whoa whoa whoa. Kristina says the therapist says it's not just the academics or the biting or the pirate costume, it's everything. "Please," she cries, as Adam rushes to hug her, "don't make me be alone with this." Really, bravo, the two of them really killed me with that.

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