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The Tracks of My Mother-Freakin' Tears

In the parking lot, she angrily dials Julia, who is just leaving work after a long day of lawyering. "Well! Is this who I am, to you?" she yells when Julia answers. "I mean, I know I'm not a big lawyer who walks around on the weekends in a Juicy pantsuit, but does that mean I have to go out with a fat, balding barista? Is that who I am to you?" Julia is speechless. "I know you're sexier than me," Sarah shouts. "Everybody knows it! I don't understand why it is you always have to prove you're better than me!" She closes saying she is never letting Julia set her up again, ever. Julia whisper-yells back that that's fine, because she's done helping her. Sarah says good, she doesn't need her help anyway, because she's not some kind of charity case. Julia: "Oh! Screw you!" Sarah: "No! Screw you! And I don't have time to talk to you right now, because I AM ON A FRICKIN' DATE!" With that, she stomps back in to the restaurant to attempt to get through the evening.

"Listen, I have something to show you," Jim says as she sits back down with a forced smile. He pulls out a ring, one he gave her 20 years ago. "Oh, yeah," she says, remembering it. "How do you have it?" He reminds her that she sort of threw it at him, the night she broke up with him. "Oh, yeah!" she says and then the memory really comes back. "I hit you right in the eye!" Jim laughs. Yes, he says, and they recall at the same time that he had said she should try out for the A's. As Sarah smiles sadly at the ring, Jim gives her the rest of his story. He wants her to know he's not just a barista. "I rebuild trucks from the '30s, I have several ping pong trophies on prominent display in my otherwise unimpressive apartment and, as if that wasn't enough which, I am sure it is," he adds, "I just found out the New Yorker is publishing one of my poems." Sarah, shamed, asks if he means the real New Yorker. "Yeah," he says. "Thanks." And even though she has been perfectly foul to him, he sweetly says that he is really glad she called him. "I have always thought about you, Sarah," he says, and she begins crying, still staring at the ring. He asks if she's all right. "You just kept this all this time," she says. "That's so nice. You're so nice, and funny." She says she married this guy who is a tortured musician with a drug problem. "I'm such a jerk," she says, crying. "I'm just not very good at the dating thing anymore, and, I mean, let's face it, in my prime I wasn't that good at it, either." Jim sincerely tells her that she is even more beautiful than he remembers. "Shut up," she says, through tears. "You are," he insists. "Seriously, shut up," she says, but then raises her face to ask, "Really?" Aw.

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