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Finally, they arrive at the truck stop where Amber waits nervously inside. It's raining, and for a moment, Haddie and Kristina watch Amber through the window. Haddie tells her mom she wants to go in first, and as freakin' Ray Lamontagne rips my heart right out, Haddie forgives Amber. Sarah and Adam arrive and stand under Kristina's umbrella, Sarah between her brother and his wife, and when everyone finally goes inside, it's clear that all is forgiven, by everyone. Damn this show. They need to rename it "Being a Girl is Hard." Jeez, with the tears. What is it with me lately? Don't get me started about what happens when I hear that one Taylor Swift song on the radio about being 15. Seriously, I have to turn it off AND pull over.

At HQ the next day, Amber is wrapped up on the couch when she is joined by Sarah. "I'm sorry," Amber says. Sarah smiles. "You just scared me so much," she says. "You know, when I was your age, I slept with my cousin's boyfriend." Amber sits up. "Are you kidding?" she asks, in surprise. Sarah: "Yyyess." Awesome. "I didn't do that," she says. "But, I smoked and drank a lot. That's why you're so short." She says Amber tries to act so tough, but that Sarah knows the real her: how brave and smart and funny she is. "I'm so proud of you," she says. "And I'm just so glad that you're my kid." Amber is in tears. "Thanks for coming for me," she says. "I'm so glad you're my mom." Sarah strokes her hair and finally laughs. "Man, I can't take it," she says. Amber: "I know. We've really got to get it together."

Crosby is having a final breakfast with Jabbar at Jasmine's apartment, telling him all about the three million parts that make up the Boeing 747 he'll be flying on later that day. "How come you know so much about airplanes?" Jabbar asks, amazed. Crosby: "Because I love airplanes. I have since I was a kid." Jabbar smiles. "You're just like me, Daddy," he says, and Crosby dies. No, seriously, you can see his soul break in half. He goes to talk to Jasmine, having to insist that she stop packing for one second. He says he hates his dad right now for what he did to his mom, but that Zeek was a great dad. He took him places and taught him things "and he smiled every time he saw me. He could never stay mad at me, because he loved me so much." He says he doesn't want Jabbar to be without a dad, without him, in his life every day. "I don't want to be rational," he says. "I want to come with you. I want to get in the cab, buy a ticket and go." Jasmine is amazed. "What about your family?" she asks, and Crosby kind of laughs. "Jasmine," he says. "You are my family." She smiles.

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