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Crosby is helping Jasmine pack up her apartment when he stops to ask her about The Plan. He doesn't want Jabbar to think he's losing his father, he says. "It's really important to me that you're being clear to him about why you're going to New York," he says. "And why I can't move there with you." He says he wants Jabbar to know he's not abandoning him. Poor Crosby is very upset, and Jasmine isn't really helping, vaguely talking about visits and phone dates. Back on the houseboat, Zeek's not really helping, either. When Crosby comes home, depressed, he acts like a bitch and Crosby can't take it. "You got a lot of nerve giving me advice about Jasmine after what you did to mom," he says. Zeek condescendingly says it's pretty complicated. "Is it? Is it super-complicated?" Crosby snarks. "She stood by you for 40 years." He says Zeek can't just sit around on his boat and think Camille's going to show up and beg him to come home. "You are going to lose her," he yells. "You need to take your own advice, and fight for her. You be a man, Dad."

There's got to be a morning after: Sarah arrives at Amber's bedroom, huge coffee cups in hand, and begs forgiveness. "I'm sorry about what I said," she says through the door. "You don't bring everybody down. You bring everybody up. Up with people. This coffee is going to bring you up the way you bring me up..." She laughs as she opens the door, the gorgeous Lucy Schwartz song "Gone Away" playing in the background, to find that Amber has disappeared. How she knows she's run away, I can't imagine, but she does, and Sarah's face says it all as she races out of the room.

She minces no words when she arrives at Kristina's door and asks for Steve's number. Apparently she had called the house several times and Kristina didn't answer, and wow, Sarah is mad. Kristina passive-aggressively drags her feet getting the number while Sarah impatiently waits. "If it's a giant problem, then..." Sarah snarks, and Kristina snottily answers that it's not a giant problem and that she's trying to get the number and avoid saying something she's going to regret later. "OH," Sarah shoots back, and they might get into it, but Adam comes down the stairs at this moment to intervene. He asks why Sarah needs Steve's number. She looks at the floor, feeling like the loser again. "Amber's missing," she says. Kristina's eyes go wide, and Adam rushes straight out the door with his sister.

I am perversely pleased by this next scene in which the Boy gets his. Sure, he didn't do anything with anyone against their will, but whatever, it's always the girls who have to bear the brunt of this teen bullshit. Adam pounds on Steve's parents' door, which is cheerily answered by Steve's mom. Oh, lady. There's no way I can recap what is said, because no one stops talking long enough for anyone to take a breath, including me, but let me break it down in terms that anyone who was ever a teenager will understand: Steve's busted. Sarah outs him as having tried to pressure Haddie into having sex and then having sex with Amber, instead, thus earning Amber a whore's rep while he comes out smelling like a rose. Was it all his fault? No. But then again, yes. All right, no, but still: he sucks. Don't have sex with your girlfriend's cousin five minutes after a break-up. It's a simple rule. The best part is that while Adam and Sarah are yelling and Steve's parents are standing around in an outraged shock, Steve is doing his nice guy act, being concerned about Amber's well-being, because, he says, "I love your daughter." Adam FLIPS. "You got both these girls feeling miserable!" he yells. "You're lucky you didn't have sex with my daughter!" Presumably Sarah drags him away amidst all the yelling, because they are soon on the road to beautiful Fresno.

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