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Somethin' Good

At HQ, Adam is on hand to practice with Drew for the baseball tryout when the whole family (minus Crosby) arrives to go together to cheer him on. Zeek also shows up, and he and Camille have their long-awaited showdown. "Look," he says. "I want you back." Camille says it's not that easy, and that she wants some room to find out who she is. "I love being a mother," she says. "And for a good deal of the time, I loved being a wife, but I just think I got swallowed up somewhere." That's why he cheated, she says, because he looked at her and couldn't see her anymore. "I see you now," he insists. Camille: "Because you're scared." Yeah! He says he wants to spend the rest of the time they have together, making their lives good. "I'm gonna sing now." Oh, um, this is not how to start making your life good! We just heard you sing 30 minutes ago! But to Camille's consternation and the rest of the family's amazement, he does it anyway. With a ukulele. Yes, you heard me. Craig T. Nelson, TV's Coach, sings "I'm Into Somethin' Good," with a ukulele. I can see what they were going for, here, but I'm not really feeling it, so I concentrate instead on the awesomeness of Drew's baseball tryout, which we see the fam enjoying together as we slow-mo out of the season. Yes, yes, we're into something good. Thanks for hanging out this first season. Something tells me the Bravermans will be back.

Al Lowe is a writer and musician living in Atlanta. She can be reached at

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