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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, in the Enchanted Past, Rumpelstiltskin meets a Seer who knows he's scared of turning out like his cowardly father. He hobbles himself and heads home to meet wee baby Baelfire. When Bae is a teen, he procures a magic bean to take him and his father to a land without magic, but Rumpy is too cowardly to take a chance. He lets Bae fall into the portal and a whole new world all alone.

And we're back to the Seer. She tells Rumpy "The boy will lead you to your son." In Manhattan, Henry asks, "What's going on?" Back in the past, the Seer tells Rumpy, "The boy will be your undoing." Charming is dying of Dreamshade poisoning. Hook provides him with magical Neverland water, but warns that once our fair Prince drinks this water, he can never leave Neverland. Bae flies off to Neverland. Wendy asks Peter Pan what he needs Henry to believe in. Pan says, "Me. Pan shows Henry Skull Rock and tells him it's where their salvation waits, then asks the boy if he's up to the task.

And now, on Once Upon A Time, we open in the Enchanted Past at a village marketplace. Wee Rumpelstiltskin (Wyatt Oleff) watches as his father (Stephen Lord) swindles the locals with a "Follow the Lady" version of Three Card Monte. Let me say right now, that I see some sources referring to Papa Stiltskin as Malcolm, while IMDB.com currently has the character's given name listed as Colin, so Papa Stiltskin it is, unless and until I learn his name from the show. (That said, Malcolm makes more sense, since their accents are Scottish.) The losing mark objects, grabs Papa and pounds the shite out of him. Rumpy tries to intercede, but the mark just tells the boy, "You'd be better off without him," rips off Papa's purse and storms off. Papa assures the boy he'll figure something out. "I always do, Rumple." The title card features Skull Rock.

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