Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Neverland. In the jungle, Rumpy casually strolls until he finds a place to sit and beckons, "Come out and say hello, dearie." Felix appears and tells Rumpy that Pan welcomes him to stay as long as he'd like with one caveat. If Rumpy is there for the boy, that will make him Pan's enemy. "If you go against him, you will not survive." Rumpy laughs. "The question isn't, 'will I survive', because we both know I won't. No, no. The real question is how many of you I take with me." Felix asks if that's his answer. Rumpy confirms it, so Felix promises to see him again in less friendly circumstances. Walking away, Rumpy says, "Count on it." Felix calls after him, "One last thing. There's something he wanted you to have." He throws a straw doll at Rumpy's feet. It's clothed in blue. Rumpy stoops to pick it up. Tears fill his eyes. Felix crouches so they're eye-to-eye and says, "Isn't it funny? The things we haven't thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry." He laughs as Rumpy softly sobs, then takes his leave. Am I supposed to remember that doll? I didn't get a chance to read our boards this week. Was that once Bae's doll? Was it Rumpy's? Do we know? I sure don't. We cut to the...

Enchanted Forest. Rumpy's Castle. Neal opens the now unhidden cupboard and scans its cobwebbed contents until he finds what looks to be a snow globe, but is actually a crystal ball. After a bitter laugh that how he spent his life running from magic only to realize it's now the only thing that can help him, he lays his hands on the ball and closes his eyes. It fills with magical smoke, but when the smoke clears, the ball is empty. Neal picks it up and asks why it's not working. Mulan advises that he not think of a place, and instead think of Emma. When Neal tries again, it works. He sees Emma in the middle of a jungle, and says, "Oh, no. It can't be. [...] That's not Storybrooke. Emma's in Neverland. We cut to...

Neverland. Now ashore, Regina says they can still carry out Hook's planned sneak attack, but Emma realizes it's too late. Pan must know they're there. "It's time we stopped running. Gold was right. This land is run on belief. All of us have been too busy being at each others' throats to be believers. I was as wrong as anyone else. It's time for all of us to believe -- not in magic, but in each other." Regina can't believe Emma thinks they can be friends after all that has passed. Emma clarifies that she's not talking about friendship. "I know there's a lot of history here and a lot of hate." Hook butts in. "Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time when you're not yelling at me." Emma ignores the flirtatious attempt and continues. "We don't need to be friends. What we need to know is the only way to get Henry back is cooperation."

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Once Upon a Time




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