Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Neal explains he's looking for a magical item in the now looted room. Spotting his father's old, rough-hewn staff on the floor, he picks it up. Mulan wonders how it could be magical at all. Neal says it's his father's and points out the notches Rumpy etched to mark his son's growth, then swings it around. The magic uncloaks a hidden cupboard. The stick is enchanted with blood magic, which is how Neal is able to wield it while Robin or any other looter could not. As Neal approaches the cabinet, we cut to the...

Jolly Roger. As the argument between Regina and Snow intensifies, so does the storm. There are a lot of accusations of life ruining and the women trade blows. Charming and Hook insert themselves and are soon squaring off against each other. Manning the wheel, solo, Emma looks from the raging sea to her fell crew members and realizes, "It's not the mermaids, it's us." No one listens, so she screams that if they don't stop fighting they're going to die. They're causing the very storm that will take their lives. When the refuse to listen, Emma climbs up on the ship's rail and dives into the ocean. The gang stops fighting long enough to shout after her and look overboard. Just then, a piece of rigging lets go. A heavy metal pulley (I guess) falls into the drink behind her and hits her on the head. The crew gasps. We cut to...

Neverland. Pan and Henry find themselves boxed in at a cliff's edge. Henry snatches the pixie dust from the lanyard around Pan's neck and says it's their way out. Since pixie dust will make them fly, all they have to do is believe. Pan lies that he can't believe. Henry has enough faith for both of them. He sprinkles them with the dust, grabs Pan, jumps off the cliff and the fly off into commercial.

Jolly Roger. Snow screams as Emma disappears under the water, then begs Regina to magic Emma back on board, but Regina says (and might even mean it when she does) that she can't. Since she can't see Emma, "...I'll just bring up water and half her leg." Charming is ready to jump overboard, but Hook realizes he'll drown too, so he ties a rope around our dashing prince, so he can pull him back to safety. Under water, Charming finally finds Emma, grabs her and brings her to the surface. Hook, Regina and Snow work together to fish father and daughter out of the drink. Emma is unconscious until she coughs up water, to the delight of her parents and companions. The clouds dissipate. The moon appears. Still breathless, Emma smiles and looks at them, eyes wide. "I told you." We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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