Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Jungle. With the Lost Boys hot on their trail, Henry and Pan continue to run. We cut to the...

Jolly Roger. The crew argues about how to get the mermaid to talk. Just knowing these characters, you know who is in favor of compassion and who isn't. The mermaid isn't having any of it, though and demands to be freed. Regina says if they free the mermaid, she will return with her friends to kill them. Since Regina easily chased them off with fireballs I'm not sure why she, in particular, is worried about their return. The mermaid says she and her friends don't need to kill them, they'll do it on their own, then again demands her freedom. Lightning strikes. A storm bursts. Hook says they have to hold onto the mermaid as leverage. Charming draws a sword, holds it to the mermaid's throat and demands that she stop the storm. Regina pats him on the back and tells him, "Now, filet the bitch." Charming mightn't be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but he knows when Regina's his cheering squad he'd better try again. He backs off and says they're not barbarians.

Hook turns the ship to try to outrun the storm. As Snow and Regina bicker, the storm intensifies. Emma tries to get everyone to stop and think things through. Declaring he already has, Regina waves her hand and the mermaid turns to wood. The weather worsens. A monster wave bears down on the Jolly Roger. Emma yells, "Regina, what did you do? What have you done?" With Ethan Embry's GROAN is still in my mind, I want desperately to tell one of these characters that they're doing, "That Thing You Do." Emma's questions are the closest I've gotten, but it still feels like too much of a reach, so I'm confessing here, in hopes of ridding myself of the earworm. Anyhow, everyone grabs hold of the rigging and the water washes over them. Commercial.

Enchanted Forest. Rumpy's Estate. Once inside the drawing room, Mulan says it looks abandoned. Neal spies a goblet, dips his finger, tastes the wine and realizes someone is there. Is it just my eyes, or is this whole room computer generated? I don't remember it all looking like that during the Rumpy/Belle flashbacks (although maybe the library was). Oh well, while I've been wondering about nonsense, Neal and Mulan have been discovered. An arrow lands in the wall about two inches in front of Neal's face. Mulan draws her weapon. An entirely new Robin Hood (now played by Sean Maguire), having makes his presence known, introduces himself as Robin. Neal realizes he's Robin Hood. Robin asks why they're trespassing in his castle. Mulan argues that it's the Dark One's. Robin says the Dark One has been missing since the Queen cast her curse. Neal says Robin is welcome to the castle, he just needs to look around for a bit. When Robin asks, Neal introduces himself as Baelfire and says he's the Dark One's son. Robin figures no one would lie about that so he lowers his bow and give Neal leave to continue his search. They talk about Robin's previous confrontation with the Dark One, who eventually spared his life.

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Once Upon a Time




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