Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Neal asks for their help. He needs to know Emma and Henry are all right. Aurora realizes Neal is Henry's father and tells him about how Snow taught her to navigate the aftereffects of the Sleeping Curse. She will walk the dream world and try to make contact with his family. Should she succeed, Aurora wants to know what she should tell Emma. Neal says, "Tell Emma I'm alive... and that I love her." We cut back to the...

Jolly Roger. Hook fills Emma in on a little bit of his time with Baelfire, but their conversation is cut short when the ship begins to pitch. Up on deck, Regina yells at Snow and Charming, even as they're trying to steady the ship. When Hook arrives, he grabs the wheel and orders his makeshift crew to grab any weapon they can find; they're under attack. You know what's fun for you, and annoying for those around you? Take a thumb tack, hold it over someone's head and shout, "You're under a tack!" See, Tubey hired me for my wit. Over screeching sounds coming from the sea, Emma asks if they're facing a shark. Snow wonders if it's a whale. Charming asks if it's a kraken. The entire audience yells, "Unleash the kraken!" Hook says it's worse than that. "Mermaids!" Commercial.

As Hook tries to outrun the mermaids, Charming declares, "I will not be capsized by fish," and mans the cannon. Emma and Snow grab a fishing net and throw it overboard. When they've caught one, Regina is unimpressed. Having had enough, she unleashes her magical fireballs into the deep, and chases away the rest of their assailants, then magics the net back on deck. In it is a nameless mermaid (Natasha Wilson). I'm not familiar with her work, but she's pretty good at jerking her body like the proverbial fish out of water. We cut to...

Neverland. Pan leads an unsuspecting Henry through the jungle away from the Lost Boys. When they take a break, Henry explains that he was kidnapped by people who work for Pan. Pan says, "If Pan wants you, he will get you." When Henry asks his supposed fellow fugitive if he is wanted by Pan, Pan lies that he stole pixie dust so he could try home, but it wouldn't work. When Pan pretends to despair at their situation, Henry encourages his not to lose hope and asks where they can hide. Pan says they can hide in the Echo Caves, if only they can get there. Henry tells him to lead the way. We cut to the...

Enchanted Forest. Neal fills Mulan in on portal travel and the land without magic. He tells her that her legend had made it over there. "They made a movie about you. It's pretty good." Mulan deadpans, "What's a movie?" Neal is at a loss for words, but his awkward moment is cut short when Aurora awakens and reports she failed to make contact with anyone in her dreams. Cue Tchaikovsky. Neal is certain his father must have left something behind that he could use to contact Emma. He just has to get to his castle. Phillip asks, "Who's your father?" Voice grim, Neal says, "Rumpelstiltskin." We cut to...

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Once Upon a Time




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