Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Tamara is disturbed that the Home Office consists of a bunch of teenagers. Henry corrects her. "They're the Lost Boys." They want Henry. Tamara says before they hand him over, they want to know how they're getting home. Felix reveals they won't get home. When GROAN refuses to hand over Henry, Felix scoffs. Just then a shadow descends from the heavens, snatches GROAN's shadow, and flies away with it. GROAN falls to the ground. He's seemingly dead, but since Once Upon A Time in Storybrooke he was little, lost boy, Owen, I can't help but wonder (worry) if we'll see more of him in the future. Seeing GROAN fall, Tamara orders Henry to run. As she follows, she is struck in the back by an arrow. Dare I hope at least that she's gone? Clap your hands if you believe. Commercial.

Henry, hands still bound, runs through the jungle until he falls and is snatched up by a boy older than he (played by Robbie Kay). We're supposed to think he's just another fugitive, but I knew right away he was SPOILER: Peter Pan, so I'm not going to pretend you didn't catch on, either (although my husband didn't, but in his defense, he was taking a break from packing for a business trip, and his mind was elsewhere.) Peter lies to Henry that he is an escaped Lost Boy and says there is no time for further questions. They have to keep moving. We cut to the...

Jolly Roger. Hook finds Emma below deck. She's doing chin-ups and can I just say I covet Jennifer Morrison's arms. They're firm, tone, defined and yet still look soft. Hook gives Emma Baelfire's sword, so she can prepare for the coming fight. When she says she only knew him as Neal, Hook pours her a drink and they drink to Neal. We cut to the...

Enchanted Forest. When Neal wakes on Aurora's former funeral bier or platform, or really uncomfortable bed, he's surrounded by Mulan, Aurora and Phillip. Upon learning he's in the Enchanted Forest, Neal whispers, "I'm back." Mulan assumes he's lying, because she recognizes his clothing as being of the same style and Emma and Snow's. Upon hearing Emma's name, he asks if she's knows Emma Swan. Mulan deflects and ask how Neal knows Emma. He gets agitated as he tries to answer and struggles to sit up. Phillip misdiagnoses Neal's gunshot wound as an arrow wound and recommends rest. Neal makes a crack about it being a .45 caliber arrow, which goes over like...well, like lead, since his present company doesn't know from guns. It really is an Enchanted Forest.

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Once Upon a Time




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