Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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In a misguided attempt to right the wrong he'd committed when Emma was just a baby, the person who had once abandoned her, enticed her true love to also abandon her so that she would be free to fulfill her destiny. Alone, unjustly imprisoned, and expecting a child of her own, Princess Emma had to find her way along a path she didn't even know she existed, which would lead her to worlds she couldn't even imagine. This is her story. This is Emma's story. Please remember that, Show.

Eleven years ago. Under the watchful eye of a prison guard, Emma gives birth to her firstborn son at 8:15. The magic that exudes from her every pore shorts out lights in the delivery room. Knowing she is unable to give him his best chance at life, she refuses even to hold her baby for fear that if she does she will never let go. As the doctor takes the lad away, Emma cries.

Present day. On the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook takes Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina and Mr. Gold through a magical portal. They arrive off the shores of Neverland. Title card.

Henry reaches the end of his own portal, accompanied by the two-headed plot monster known and Tamara and Greg...Owen...GROAN. Because Henry knows his family is from the Enchanted Forest, he is confident they will find him because finding their loved ones is how they do. The two-headed monster reveals that they are not in the Enchanted Forest, but rather, Neverland, and they're there to destroy it, they think, because it is the motherlode of all magic. When they try to contact the "Home Office" on a handheld device, they fail, because it is just a prop with sand where the batteries should be. As he's been doing since they landed, Henry points out how foolish the two-headed monster has been, in failing to ask questions. There are none so blind as they who won't see, so the two-headed monster orders the boy to walk into the jungle. We cut to the...

Jolly Roger. Regina and Hook trade barbs and stories. The irony that Hook has willingly transported his sworn enemy (Rumpy) back to the place Hook spent so long trying to leave, is not lost on the sexy swashbuckler. "It's not quite the happy ending I was hoping for." Regina mentions that GROAN said something "funny" to her. "He said I'm a villain, and that villains don't get happy endings. Do you believe that?" Hook hopes not or they've wasted their lives. Get in line, Killian.

Snow and Charming approach Emma, who is staring out to sea lost in her thoughts. They assure her that what happened to Neal and Henry is not her fault. Snow says, "You can't blame yourself." Face tight, Emma turns to face her parents. "I don't. I blame you. All this happened because I listened to you. You say good always wins. It doesn't. I didn't grow up in some fairy tale land. My experience is different. That's all I can go on." Snow understands and says all they have to go on is their own experience, then adds, "So if you would just let us share our wisdom..."

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Once Upon a Time




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