Once Upon a Time
The Heart Of The Truest Believer

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Charming rolls his eyes at the thought of cooperating with Regina and Hook and what matters is doing things the right way. Emma disagrees. "No, we don't. We just need to succeed, and the way we do that is by just being who we are -- a hero, a villain, a pirate." How about a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal? Sorry. Eighties flashback. Continue, Emma. "It doesn't matter which, because we're going to need all those skills, whether we can stomach them or not."

Regina's tone is dry when she asks, "And what's your skill, Savior?" Fledgling belief flows out of Emma in ripples if not waves. "I'm a mother. And now I'm also your leader, so either help me get my son back or get out of the way." While Regina's expression is guarded, and Snow looks thoughtful, Charming beams with pride because Emma gets that from him. With a crooked smile, he follows his wife, who is already following their daughter. Regina waits for a reaction from Hook. He cocks his head and tries to contain an impressed if not thoroughly convinced grin, and ambles after the Charmings. Regina tightens the belt to her trench coat and brings up the rear. We cut to the...

Skies over Neverland. Bathed in the green light of pixie dust, Pan and Henry fly over the island. Pan points down at a clearing in the trees below and he and Henry descend through it and make a bit of a bumpy landing. Once they rise to their feet, Henry says, "See? If you believe, anything's possible." Pan's sneers. "You couldn't be more right, Henry." Realizing he never introduced himself, Henry asks his companion how he knew his name. Pan proposes they make it a game -- a puzzle to solve. Henry says, "You lied to me. You are Lost Boy. You work for Pan." Pan leans in. "Not exactly. I am Pan." The music of big reveals swells, because the musical director was unable to know I'd spoil you way up top. Henry sputters buts about Greg and Tamara and promises to destroy magic. Pan explains he lied to them, because he needed their help. "And it is so much easier to get people to hate something, than to believe." Henry wants to know why Pan brought him there. Pan says that for quite some time, he's been seeking something important and elusive, "...the heart of the truest believer. And when you took that pixie dust, Henry, and jumped off that cliff, you proved yourself." He pauses to knock on a hollow tree trunk then explains that Henry is the owner of that special heart. "And now? You...and it are mine." He draws his blade, raises it in the air and yells, "Come on, Boys!" The Lost Boys emerge from the woods and surround Henry. Pan's lips curl as he says, "Let's play."

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Once Upon a Time




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