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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, on Skull Rock, Pan tells Rumpelstiltskin, "You traded Baelfire for the power of the dagger," and immediately tweaks my inner pedant. At first, Rumpy got the damned dagger to protect Baelfire. He was then too cowardly to jump into a portal with Baelfire. At the time, it seemed that was largely because he was afraid to live without magic. Now, however, we understand why he was afraid to enter a portal (with or without magic), as should you, Pancake. I don't want to cover the rest of these Previouslies, so I'm not. Oh shoot, now the Previouslies get interesting again, so I'll resume. Season 1 Regina asks Mr. Gold, "Your finding Henry wasn't an accident, was it?" Gold says, "Whatever do you mean?" Regina: "Where did you get him?" Via voice-over, twee Rumpy reminds us all curses can be broken. Season 1 Henry, who barely comes up to Emma's chest, hands her the secret pages he ripped from his Once Upon A Time book. While we focus on the illustration of a wounded Charming about to place baby Emma in the magical wardrobe, twee Rumpy voices-over, again: "Their child is the key." Over shots of Regina enacting the Dark Curse, he adds, "Great power requires great sacrifice." Rumpy reaches through the bars of his enchanted prison cell and holds Regina by the throat. She asks him what sacrifice will suffice. He says, "The heart of the thing you love most." Regina lays a rose at the Enchanted Forest gravestone of the father she loved so much she had to kill him. We roll our eyes at Regina and fade to black.

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If it were possible for Rumpy to restore Hook's severed hand, the way he once restored Whale's arm, would you want it to happen?

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