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The Way We Were

Sidebar. I am loving the developments between Regina and Snow, but that's an active choice on my part. Look, Snow always gives in, somehow, where Regina is concerned. This time, though, I think she has the timing right. Regina is vulnerable and needs love. This show's mantra is that love is the most powerful magic of all. I cheered when Snow insisted that they'd go to Regina's palace together, and present a united front for the sake of their subjects. Consider Snow's earlier lines: "You're coming with us. I know you don't like it. You'll learn to, for our good, for yours." That's how you beat needy Regina into submission. You eat her lasagna. You invite her to sit with you at the party. You insist on crashing at her castle. You make her let you love her. Heaven knows Snow is the only character (other than Henry) with the natural capacity to do so. I'm glad to see she's putting her ridiculous tendency to forgive Regina to good use. Regina is vulnerable, but she's also free from her literally heartless mother's control and influence, now. It's so nice to see Snow do the "right" thing and have it also be a smart thing.

As the ladies are returning to the road, something with red eyes skitters in the bushes. When it moves, it blows Snow's hair in her eyes. Snow tells Regina there was something in the bush. Regina walks back to look, but there's nothing there, "...unless it flew away." Looking up, Snow says, "It did!" A winged creature swoops down and carries us into the commercials.

After the break, Snow tells Regina they need to find cover. Regina readies a fireball. "No. I don't run from monsters. They run from me." When she hurls the fireball at the flying monkey, it dodges it. The monkey grabs Regina and starts pulling her up in the air. Snow grabs hold of Regina's hem and pulls her back down. As the monkey loses its grip on Regina's arm, it draws blood. Regina and Snow tumble to the ground. As the monkey flies toward them again, a male voice warns, "Get down." An arrow strikes the monkey on the left side of his neck. Ahem. The monkey, screeching all the while, flies away.

Robin Hood rides over to the women and extends his hand. "Milady, you're injured." Regina says, "It's your majesty," then gets a look at this handsome stranger, lowers her gaze, and adds, "I'm fine." Robin says, "A simple 'thank you' would suffice." Regina gets her... well, she gets her Regina on, ignores his proffered hand, says they didn't ask for his help, and struggles to her feet. Snow takes Robin's hand and says she's grateful for the assistance. He introduces himself as "...Robin of Locksley," and nodding back toward his friends, adds, "And these are a few of my merry men." He's pleased to finally meet Snow, since, "...there was a time when our faces graced wanted posters side-by-side." Snow smiles at him.

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