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The Way We Were

My 15-year-old daughter is pretty sure she would have taken the potion because Hook is so cute, which alarms me, so I remind her about how Roofies are a thing. Then she says she would have taken it in the middle of the police station, so I remind her that poison is also a thing. I mean, we all know Emma did the wrong thing here, but she has no reason to do the right thing. For all she knows, Neal has hired some eccentric hit man to knock her off, so he can take their kid. We flashback to the...

Enchanted Forest. As the primary Storybrooke party makes its way to Knifingham, Belle assures Neal he'll see Emma and Henry, again. I like this a lot, because Neal is feeling the way Belle felt, when Rumpy sailed off to Neverland. Neal hopes he doesn't have to curse an entire kingdom to get back to them. Belle also thinks Rumpy might still be alive. "We never saw his knife. I think we can get it back."

Up ahead, Snow notes that Regina's castle isn't too far off. Charming reminds her it is their castle. Snow says, "That's going to take some getting used to. The last time I was there was just after my father's death, and I've always dreamed of returning. I just never imagined it would be with Regina by our sides." Grumpy comes up from behind Snow and reports that Regina is missing. We cut to the...

Woods. Snow finds Regina burying her own heart in the dirt. That the earth doesn't immediately vomit up the vile thing reminds us we're in a land with magic, powerful magic, indeed. Snow knows Regina misses Henry. Regina says, "Not as much as I did when that was still beating in my chest." Snow tells her this isn't the answer. "No matter how much pain you may feel, you can't just bury it in the woods." Regina, have you tried drinking? Snow tells her she won't feel better, she just won't feel anything. Simultaneously, Regina and I say, "That's the point."

Regina can't keep going, knowing she'll never see Henry and that he doesn't even remember who she is. Snow says, "I know exactly how you're feeling. I just said goodbye to my daughter for the second time. Henry, too. But I promise you, it will get better with [your heart]. Right now, it might be causing you pain, but I promise you, it will let you feel something else, soon enough." Yeah, listen to Snow, Regina. She's already resigned herself to never again seeing her daughter. Sorry, this is actually a pretty good scene. Snow reminds Regina that Henry always wanted her to find happiness. Regina says, "I can't be happy without him." Snow tells her to find a way. "For Henry." For a moment, the background music almost sounds like a minor key riff on "My Heart Will Go On," (You know, the Celine Dion/Titanic song), which, given the action in this scene, cracks me up more than it should. Regina retrieves her heart. I'm happy to report it's fairly blackened. Regina plunges the wicked organ back into her chest, gasps, and stifles a sob. "Now, let's get back to our castle."

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