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The Way We Were

Neal's Flat. No, I don't know how his apartment hasn't been rented out in the past year, but it's possible he set up an automatic payment plan with his bank, so to me, it's not worth quibbling about. Emma breaks in, shuts the door behind her and looks around. The first item to catch her eye is the dreamcatcher hanging from the window, i.e. the only evidence season 2 ever offered us, that Emma might have mattered to Neal.

Emma takes it down and has a good look at it. "Flypaper for nightmares. Neal." She finds a stack of mail all addressed to Neal Cassidy. I can't decide if the writing on one of the letters is meant to look the same as the writing on the address that Hook gave Emma and I'm too behind to rewind, now. Next she finds a bloody towel that they must have used on Gold's wound. Next she finds a camera. On its strap is the name Henry. Picking it up, Emma says, "That's not possible!" Commercial.

Emma meets Hook in Central Park. "Why didn't you tell me that was Neal's place?" Hook says, "I think the tone of your voice answers that quite clearly. You never would have gone if I had." She wonders how Neal knows about Henry and if he's trying to get into his life. Hook reminds her he's not there about Neal. "I'm here because your parents are in trouble. Their entire kingdom has been cursed -- ripped back to Storybrooke." Poor Hook. What a shitty job this must be -- to approach someone in our world who can't remember you, someone who was raised as an orphan, and tell her that her parents and their kingdom have been mystically moved to her world. I hope someone's got a nice shot of rum ready for him, when the deed is done. That's doesn't matter right now, though, because Emma has set up Hook. When none of his answers satisfy her, and Hook insists that she drink his bottle of memory potion, Emma cuffs Hook to a nearby bench, and whistles for a couple of cops she had waiting in the wings. "This is the guy -- the one who assaulted me." Hook says, "It was a kiss!" Emma says, "There. He confessed." As one of the uniforms recites the Miranda Rights, Hook calls out to Emma that she's making a terrible mistake, but she swans off. (Sorry.)

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