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The Way We Were

When Emma asks Henry if he thinks Walsh is worthy of joining their little family, Henry says, "He's okay." No, Henry. He is so very not okay, and if you weren't doped up with 11 years of fake memories, you would have known that, the first time you met him. Henry's got a different issue on his mind, and it's serious enough to him that he actually pauses the game and puts down the controller. "Mom, not every guy is like my dad. Not every guy is just gonna leave you."

Emma's snicker fades to a sigh, then ends with a sneer. "He didn't just leave. He set me up to take the fall for his crime and left me in jail. He doesn't even know you exist. He doesn't deserve to." It's clear Henry and Emma have had this conversation before. I like to think Regina planted this exact wording in Emma's head. I never thought I'd say this, but bless you, Regina! Henry tells Emma that Walsh isn't like that, and besides he knows Emma likes Walsh, because he's the first guy Emma's ever dated who Henry's met. Once her boy turns his attention back to his game, Emma asks when he got so wise. Henry smiles. "Somewhere after level 16, when I became a knight." We focus on the screen. The video game knight turns to let us admire his profile. We flashback to the...

Enchanted Forest. The knight's profile is replaced by Charming's. People are making fun of his fur trim cape. My daughter hates it. I'm sorry. I sort of love it. After sheathing his sword, Charming walks out of the frame to reveal the Dwarfs who are all delighted that they're once again handsome. For my visually impaired readers, I'll note that in Storybrooke, the Dwarfs have normal, human features. In the Enchanted Forest, they have exaggerated ears and noses and are dressed in fairy tale clothing.

Jiminy Cricket, now in cricket form, flits onto Grumpy's shoulder and chirrups a message that seems to alarm Grumpy. Grumpy tells Charming that Jiminy reports that about 50 more Storybrookers landed about two miles from them. This is why I cut the show some slack earlier, where Jiminy's return positioning is concerned. Since he's again a wee cricket, I wouldn't have seen him, even if he had been in the right place. Charming's cheered by the news. He tells Grumpy and the Dwarfs to spread the word that all new arrivals should head for Knifingham Palace.

Hook is loading up a horse with supplies, when Charming finds him. He's surprised to learn Hook isn't coming to Knifingham with them. "The Enchanted Forest is your home. Mine is the Jolly Roger." Charming asks what Hook will do, if he can't find his ship. Hook says, "I'll just have to take another one, then. Won't I? That's what pirates do." Charming sighs. "Huh, and here I thought you'd gone and changed." Hook mounts his horse. "I tried the hero thing. It didn't take." Snow joins them. "So, that's it. Emma's gone and you're going to go back to being a pirate." Turning his horse, Hook says, "'Back' milady? I've always been a pirate," then rides off. Like the reluctant Hook fanboy he is, Charming's expression is wistful as he watches Hook ride off.

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