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The Way We Were

Sidebar. Since the curse destroyed Snow and Charming's castle (destroyed is an overstatement, since we saw Emma, Snow, Mulan, Aurora and Cora in Emma's nursery in season two) shouldn't undoing the curse undo the damage done to Snow and Charming's place, Show? I love you. You know I do, but you need to assign someone on your writing/production staff to come up with a clear set of your rules of magic. The rules don't have to be so tight that you find yourselves cornered when you need a magical solution, but you need to be consistent. I understand why you weren't consistent. You want the whole party traveling to Regina's palace. That's where dialogue comes in. The magic rules problem in this scene could have been fixed with two lines of dialogue. Regina could have said, "Since I undid the curse, your castle should be as it was, Snow," and then Aurora could have said, "I'm sorry, Snow. Our soldiers used it as a stronghold, and the ogres left it in ruins."

Anyhow, Aurora says Knifingham Palace still stands. Charming points out that belonged to Snow, before Regina took it. Regina begs to differ. "I married into it." Rather than point out that Regina had Leopold killed, Snow goes along with this. "That you did. And now we're taking it back. And you are coming with us." When Regina scoffs at the suggestion, Snow reminds her that all the returnees will be scared and in need of hope. "What better way to do that, than to return, united? You're coming with us. I know you don't like it. You'll learn to. For our good. For yours." Good form, Snow.

As the Charmings and Regina walk off, Aurora and Phillip retreat to a not-at-all more private section of the wide, open, gazebo, where Aurora reminds her husband that they'll have to tell "her" that "they" have returned. Phillip says they can't, but Aurora is afraid that if "she" ever found out they hid "them" she would take it out on Phillip and Aurora's child. "We have to trust that they can take care of themselves. It is not up to us to save them." Oh, Show. Please stop ruining my favorite fairy tale princess. We flash forward to...

New York. When Walsh returns to their table, Emma is again alone, staring at the address Hook gave her. It's not long before he proposes marriage. He tells her he couldn't wait any longer, and that's all I'm reporting, to suit my denial interpretation of the story. La la la la. I can't hear you. La la la la. Commercial.

After the break, Emma exits the restaurant, quickly, and alone. Walsh catches up and teases her about walking out on the bill, but his joke goes over like a lead balloon. Emma's nearly hyperventilating as she tries to explain that this just took her by surprise, since they've only been together eight months. Again, I can't engage in their scenes. It makes me shudder. When Emma says she's not "good at fast," Walsh tells her they can wait a year, or until they're 65 and Henry already has kids. He just wants to spend the rest of his life with Emma. She asks for time to think. Walsh says to take as much as she wants.

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