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The Way We Were

Similar silliness: The bloodstain on Charming's shirt. Yes, we get it. He appears exactly as he did right before Regina's Dark Curse transported him to Storybrooke, 28 [+ however long] years ago. The thing is, Snow certainly wasn't wearing that cape when the curse struck. She'd just given birth. Baelfire was already in our world, and most probably in the U.S., wearing 1980s American clothing when the curse struck, not that tapestry wrap. Ugh. They should all arrive home in the same clothes they were wearing when first cursed, or they should all arrive home in their American clothing. Whatever. I'll let this go and get back to the action, because I'm so glad Once Upon A Time is back!

Aurora asks Snow what happened. The Fairest of them all is understandably morose as she answers, "We're back." I don't see any reflective surface nearby, but clearly, she's gotten a gander of her godawful princess wig. The title card features the New York City skyline.

One year later, in New York City, Emma, wearing heels as tall as her little black leather dress is short, slips out of her coat as she struts into a restaurant, to meet her waiting date, Walsh (Christopher Gorham). Oh, look at her smile. Show, you have to give Emma more chances to smile. As they chitchat, I notice a funny scar on the lefthand side of Walsh's neck. What's up with that?

After dinner, when Walsh excuses himself for a moment, Hook slips into his seat. Emma calls him out for the stalker he is, and grabs her butter knife, as she lends one ear to hearing him out. Hook tries to persuade her that he's a missing piece of her life, and that her parents are in danger. Emma is sure he's a crazy person, a liar, or both. "I prefer dashing rapscallion," Hook cocks an eyebrow then offers, "Scoundrel?" Eventually, he encourages her to use her superpower. While this doesn't convince Emma, it does make her listen a little more closely. Still, much as she once told Henry, Emma explains that believing something is true does not make it real. Finally Hook slips Emma an address and tells her to check it out. If after doing so, she finds herself believing him, she can find him in Central Park, by the entrance to the zoo. "Don't do it for me, or you. Do it for your family. They need your help." We flash back to the...

Enchanted Forest. Aurora reports that the ogres have been defeated. Snow congratulates Aurora on her pregnancy. "You're glowing." Regina: "Why is she pregnant, and I'm the one who's sick?" Phillip offers the Charmings anything they need. Charming says all they'll require is horses, since they have their own kingdom and castle. Snow informs him their castle was destroyed in the curse. Hook turns to Regina. "Well played, your majesty. You laid waste to everything." And...

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