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The Way We Were

Hook is one of the few characters (along with Neal, Regina, Pinocchio, and Jefferson) on the show who isn't a "We are both," character. Emma used to be one, but she has 11 years of false memories that now feel as real to her as her real memories. She's been "awake" for less than a day. That's an awful lot to sort through. Plus, she never has been one for romance, when there's trouble afoot. Meanwhile, Hook has had a singular (it seems) focus for the past year. That's very in-character for him, if we consider how long he carried a torch for Milah, after her death. Both Hook and Emma's reactions in this episode were pitch perfect, for me.

I'll be back with coverage of "Witch Hunt." In the meantime, please grade the episode up top, and then join us on the boards, where we're trying to find Henry's book, so we can wake the kid up, and get on with the show.

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