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The Way We Were

Emma tells him they won't be going to school, today. She's taken on a new case, in Maine. It might take a while to solve, but she thinks they should go. "It would be an adventure." Henry's all for that, which is good, because she's already packed and it's time to go. This time, when there's a knock on the door and Henry asks if they're expecting someone, Emma says, "Yeah." She opens the door to find Hook leaning against the hallway wall. He pushes off it and smiles as he swaggers into her apartment. "Are you ready, Swan?"

Emma rushes to get ahead of him so she can introduce "Killian" to Henry. She explains she's helping him with his case. Eyeing Hook, Henry asks if he skipped bail. Hook chuckles. "Oh, he's still a little spitfire." Henry asks, "Still?" Emma explains that he isn't a perp. He's her client. Henry asks, "Why are you dressed like that?" Hook's indulgent smile is instantly replaced with an insulted frown. "Why are you dressed like that?" Emma calms down her boys with an, "All right. All right," then turns to Hook. "Just make yourself useful, Killian, and get our bags. Henry, lend him a hand." Emma hands Henry his coat and mutters that she just needs one last thing.

Opening her closet, she flips through her coats until she finds it -- the red leather jacket of saviordom. I sure hope she put away the juice, and threw the eggs down the disposal, put the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on, or that place is going to be overrun with varmints. Not that I ever want Emma to return there. I'm just thinking of the other residents. Finally, we cut to...

Storybrooke. There's no place like home. Sigh. Emma drives past the library. The clock reads 8:15. I'm not sure why it took them that long (from before school time 'til 8:15 at night) to make the drive, but it's only right that it did. When she parks in front of the Modern Fashions Store, Emma and Hook get out of the car. Henry is asleep in the backseat. Emma looks around in wonder. "It's really back. I'm really back." Hook asks if it's a quaint and homey as she remembers. Emma says, "As cursed as I remember." He takes his hook out of his pocket and snaps it on, and flicks her hair off her shoulders. "That's more like it, isn't it, Swan?" Emma asks how he's going to explain that to Henry. Hook figures that's her concern, and, "...perhaps it will jog his memory." Or give him nightmares! Emma agrees with me. Emma says that last time, the curse wiped everyone's memories. She wonders what it did this time. Hook says, "We don't know what it did." You got a mouse in your pocket, Hook? Who did you get your message from anyhow? He's not listening to me, because he's all Emma Emma Emma, and she's blathering about finding out. She tells Hook to stay here and watch Henry. She's going to talk to her parents.

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