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The Way We Were

While Emma is all what? Walsh starts throwing around chairs, then says, "It's too bad. I actually kind of liked you." Emma asks, "Who are you?" Walsh's eyes glow red. He rushes at Emma. She ducks. He sails over her and off the roof. The top of the Empire State Building glows emerald green. Emma looks over the edge of the roof to the street below. Seeing a screeching, winged monkey, flying right at her, she sighs, "Really?" and looks around for something to use as a weapon. When the monkey lands on the roof, Emma grabs a nearby pipe at starts whacking at him. Remember how much fun I made of the Chintz Monster (the wraith from the season 2 premiere)? Well, this monkey is the opposite of that. It is legitimately creepy, terrifying, really. I don't know how they achieved this. I don't know if it's part CGI and part puppetry/costume, but it's really well done. Anyhow, Emma beats back the beast until it again goes over the side of the roof. It hits the sidewalk and poofs in a puff of smoke, but surely it can't be that easy to kill.

Hook burst through the door. "Swan? What the blazes was that?" Emma says, "A reminder that I was never safe, that what I wanted, what I thought I could have was not in the cards for the Savior." As Hook lets the weight of her words sink in, she adds, "We leave in the morning." Poor Emma. Poor Hook. Poor everyone. Commercial.

The next morning, Henry's home from his sleepover in time for breakfast. After he accuses her of "hurting" the eggs (she is distracted and taking her frustration out of them; it's a fair cop), Emma asks Henry if he believes in magic. Henry says, "Of course, and the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. If it gets me a present, I believe." He then asks, "You're not sure you made the right decision, are you?" Emma says, "I just didn't feel like pancakes." Henry clarifies: "About Walsh." Emma laughs. "Oh, I made the right decision. I'm certain. It's gonna be you and me, kid, for a little while." When she serves him his eggs, Henry tells her, "As long as you're happy." He takes one or two bites of his eggs, but then says he has to run, or he's going to be late for school. Wait, so he slept over a friend's house on a school night, and came home in the morning? What kind of crack logic is that? I hope Avery just lives down on the second floor, because otherwise, I can't make sense of it. Oh my heart, just typing that sentence made me realize that Henry's going to be leaving the first normal (and normally aging) friends he's ever made. Poor Henry, too!

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