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The Way We Were

Emma gives the tiniest nod, cocks her left eyebrow and says, "You came all the way back here, to save my family?" Hook says, "I came back to save you." Emma shakes her head and averts her eyes. "Who could have done this?" Hook offers it was someone powerful enough to reach into this world. Emma wants something more specific. He says, "Alas. You're the savior, not me." That sets Emma off, a little. "You know what I was, yesterday? A mother -- 'til you showed up and started poking holes in everything I thought was real. When I drank that potion, it was like waking up from a dream -- a really good dream." Hook reminds her she has what most matters -- her son. Emma has to figure out how to explain it all to him. Hook: "Alas. I could only scavenge together enough for one dose of memory potion."

Their conversation is interrupted by the intercom's buzz. Emma tells Hook it's Walsh. "Henry invited him." Hook offers to get rid of him, but Emma declines. "My memories might not be real, but he is, and so are the eight months we spent together." Hook's gaze flicks from Emma's averted eyes to the floor. When she says, "I owe him an explanation," Hook wonders what she'll tell him. Emma doesn't know, "But I care about him too much to drag him into all this. Wait here." When she grabs her coat and heads toward the door, Hook grabs the bottle with a vengeance.

Emma brings Walsh up to the roof. He assumes this is a romantic gesture, but Emma quickly confesses she can't marry him. He figures it's too soon, so Emma corrects him. "I need to go home and take care of some things." He reminds her she told him she was an orphan, and that this is her home. Emma assures him she wasn't lying. "There's a part of my life that I've been blocking out, and I think it would be impossible for you to understand." Plus, she has a leather-clad pirate, in reserve. And hell, I'd rather see Emma with Neal than Walsh, and that's before I knew who Walsh really was.

Walsh wants to know what changed overnight. Emma admits someone from her past showed up. Walsh asks if it was Henry's father or another ex. Emma lies says it's nothing like that. "He's more like a ghost." She assures him it kills her to make this choice. He begs her to stay, but she says she can't. Walsh nods angrily, then says, "I wish you hadn't drank that potion." I yell "drunk that potion," thereby dooming myself and my lovely and talented editor to miss a bunch of doozies in this recap.

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