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The Way We Were

When the flood subsides, Emma looks her stalker in the eyes. "Hook." He cocks his eyebrows and tilts his head. "Did you miss me?" Emma can't respond. Commercial.

A year ago, in the Enchanted Forest, as the party makes its way toward Knifingham, Neal catches up with Robin, as does Belle. Um, I don't want the Rumbelle fans to hate me, but I could 'ship me some Bellefire. Sorry. Regina has been looking over her shoulder at Robin. She asks Snow what she thinks of, "...our new friend? Can we trust him? He is a thief." So, Regina's the morality police, now? Snow tells her, "Think of it from his perspective. How do you think he looks at you?" Oh, like say, Hitler? Regina takes the point though. Snow grins and looks at Regina like you would a single best friend and says, "He's kind of cute, huh?" Regina: "He smells like forest." For a second, in my head, Graham's name wasn't Graham, but rather Forest (I don't know, either it's a huntsman thing, or Regina screwed with my memories during the mid-season finale, too). Finally I realize she means he smells like the woods, and think that's a pretty nice smell.

Knifingham is finally in view. Regina turns onto the road that leads to the palace. The paving and ground have been disturbed in a way that makes it clear there's some sort of magical barrier, even though the palace is quite a bit off in the distance. Regina approaches it and holds out her hand. A green, magical dome appears then fades. It's a protection spell that encircles the entire place. Charming assumes she did it, and tells her to undo it. Regina says this magic isn't hers. Someone hijacked it. She says she doesn't know who, "...but I'm gonna find out whoever's eating my porridge. Nobody sits in my chair. Nobody takes our castle." She's been as good about this "our castle" stuff as she was about the "our son" business with Emma, back on Neverland. I mean that. Regina wants to rush in and reclaim the castle, but Charming and Snow talk her down. Robin offers food, shelter, and a thick canopy cover in Sherwood Forest, until the royals can figure out what do next. Charming: "Do you have weapons?" Robin: "We're lousy with them." Regina says, "Fine, lead the way, but we're coming back, and whoever did this is going to suffer." Snow says, "Regina, it's our home. We'll make it safe, again." We flash forward to...

Emma's Apartment. Hook catches Emma up on a little of what she's missed. "Snow and the Queen settled their differences. Frankly, I was bored. I had a life to get back to... a pirate's life." Emma says, "Glad to see you haven't changed," as she pours them both what I'm deciding is rum, because I can't see the label. Hook's voice is low and serious as he says, "There wasn't anything for me in the Enchanted Forest. Why would I stay?" He raises his glass in her direction. Emma digests the meaning of his words, then clinks his glass with hers and drinks. Hook says, "All was well, until I got a message -- a message saying that there was a new curse, and that everyone had been returned to Storybrooke. The message told me that the only hope was you."

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