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The Way We Were

Little John adds, "If you're really Snow White, why are you with her?" Regina takes umbrage with his wording and warns him to show some respect, "...or at least some restraint at the buffet." Clearly, there were no Dale Carnegie books in the Storybrooke Library. Robin says, "You'll have to excuse little John, but before you cursed this land, we spent many a day running from your black knights." Regina is sure they deserved it. She changes the subject and asks, "What the hell was that thing?" Regina, in all your time in Storybrooke, in all your 11 years as a mother, did you never once catch a rerun of The Wizard of Oz on TV? It's an annual event. As they head off to warn the rest of their party, we flash forward to...

New York City. Emma and Henry are walking down the street. He knows she wants to talk to him about Walsh because she bought him candy at the drugstore. By the blue wrapper, I'd say it's another Apollo Bar. Emma admits that maybe her past with Neal has prevented her from living her life, now. She wonders if it is time for them to look forward. Henry knows this means she's going to marry Walsh. Emma's taken aback that he's jumped to that conclusion, but her silly grin makes it clear it's the right one. Henry asks if she'll tell Walsh at dinner, tonight. Emma says they're not having dinner, tonight. Henry: "I might have sent him a text from your phone, this morning. He's coming over at 8:00, and I arranged a sleepover at Avery's, so the two of you could be alone. It's okay, Mom. If your gut's telling you to marry him, trust it." By now, they've reached the security gate outside their building. Emma says she forget to pick up something. She takes a small paper bag out of a larger plastic shopping bag, and hands the latter to Henry. "Go see if you can beat level 24. I'll meet you up there."

Once Henry is inside, Emma opens the small paper bag from Halpert's Drug Store. Inside it is a photo envelope. As she catches sight of the pictures, Emma furrows her brow. We cut to the exterior of the NYPD 35th Precinct. Hook is just leaving the building. He snaps on his prosthetic hand and looks up at the sky, until he hears Emma call out, "Hey, we need to talk." Hook smiles as he approaches her. "Ah, Swan. I knew you wouldn't let me rot in that cage. I've been in my fair share of brigs, but none as barbaric as that. They force-fed me something called bologna."

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