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New York City Serenade

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The Way We Were
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Before I begin the "New York City Serenade" recap, proper, I just have to get something off my chest. Emma never had sex with Walsh. That's why he was so hot to marry her, so soon. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I will brook no insolence on this point, Show. La la la la. I can't hear you. La la la la. Get it. Got it? Good! Shudder. I think I just heard Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz cackle. I'll get you, my pretties, and your little show too.

We open one year ago. Phillip, atop his noble steed, rides -- if not hell for leather, then at least hell for pleather -- to Aurora, no doubt. Has she fallen prey to another sleeping curse, ogres, or even Maleficent, herself? No, she's fallen prey to a cold weather picnic in a gazebo full of throw pillows. What even is that? Before they can sate Aurora's pregnant picnic cravings, thick purple smoke billows toward them. Shortly after their horses flee, the true lovers recognize the curse for what it is, and try to take shelter in the not at all sufficient, wide open gazebo of pillow piles, but then don't quite make it, not that it would have offered any protection.

When the smoke clears, Aurora and Phillip struggle to their feet to find Hook, Charming, Snow, Regina, the Dwarfs, Granny, Belle, Neal, CGRuby, standing in just about the positions they took on the Storybrooke road, when Regina undid her Dark Curse (and Pan's iteration of it).

Here's what's dumb: Ruby wasn't present at the town line, when Regina undid the curse, so why put an unreasonable facsimile of her here, now? I understand we'll see the lovely and talented Meghan Ory, in some capacity this season, but we're not morons. We know she's on that other show with Sawyer now. We already accepted the hard truth -- Ruby wasn't at Emma and Henry's goodbye, back in December 2013. Why plop her into this scene in which everyone else is standing in the same positions they took at the Storybrooke town line? Since she wasn't at the goodbye, it makes more sense to assume Ruby was somewhere else in Storybrooke when Regina undid things, and hence would land elsewhere in L'enchantment, once the undoing is done. On the other hand, Blue and Tinker Bell were at the town line (as was Archie, but I'll cut slack there and explain why, later) when Regina undid things, so why aren't they here now? Look, everyone either lands in L'enchantment, in the exact same positions in which they left Storybrooke, or they don't.

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