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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, Emma meets Peter Pan. Operation Henry meets Tinker Bell, whom Regina -- of course -- pissed off, Once Upon A Time. Charming shows his arrow wound to Hook, who says our prince only has days or weeks, at most, to live. Henry says he doesn't belong in Neverland. Peter tells Henry he was created for a reason, and Pan can help him find that reason. Rumpy lets Baelfire fall into the portal to a world without magic. Rumpy, ready to sail off in search of Henry, tells Belle he has to risk not returning, in order to honor Baelfire. Neal figures out how to get to Neverland. He uses a toddler as bait and hijacks the Shadow. When he lands, Felix welcomes him home.

Now on, Once Upon A Time, we open on Felix leading Neal through the Neverland jungle. Well, actually, Neal's in front, but his hands are bound and Felix, who is armed, is bringing up the rear. Is it always night (or at least twilight) in our Neverland scenes, or is the jungle so thick that it always looks like it? I'm trying to remember a daylight scene, and can't (although that doesn't mean it doesn't exist).

Anyhow, Felix tells Bae he never thought he'd see him (and like some factions of fandom, he'd hoped to never see him) again. When Neal says he's there to get Henry, Felix scoffs and asks if Neal seriously thinks Pan will give up the heart of the truest believer, which he has coveted for so very long. Neal says, "Maybe, if I ask nicely." Heh. I enjoy wiseacre Neal, who, all the while, has been loosening the rope that binds his hands. When Felix snickers that Baelfire has grown up stupid, Neal smiles. "I have grown up. I don't know if I'm stupid or not, but I do know I know how to tie an overhand knot." By the time the last word passes his lips, Neal's hands are free, and he's giving snotty Felix a deeply needed punch in the kisser. Over Felix's unconscious form, Neal takes a moment to gloat as he takes off his coat. "I'm not a boy anymore, Felix, and I sure as hell ain't lost. He drops the coat next to the rope and runs off into the ever-present night. The title card features Henry dancing around a fire.

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