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Congrats to the 2013 Boston Red Sox! Sorry. I just had to get that off my chest. I'll go straight to the show now. We open in Neverland at night. It's always night. A torch bearing Felix leads a band of Lost Boys through the jungle. When they get to their destination, they throw a still unconscious Neal into a cage. We cut to...

Pan's camp. Henry watches some Lost Boys whoop it up, until Devin (Skyler Gisondo) pokes him in the back to get his attention. Devin has a case of new-kid envy, so he scoffs in disbelief that Henry is the one Pan's been waiting for all this time, then bullies Henry into sparring with him. Henry picks up a nearby stick to defend himself. He holds his own. Looks like those toy sword fencing sessions with Grandpa Charming, and later Dad, taught him a little something.

Pan arrives on scene and goads Henry into harnessing his belief such that he turns his stick into a real sword. The boys are wowed, except for Devin who is too busy trying not to soil his britches. Henry faces off with Devin and soon cuts his still-wooden weapon down to the hilt. And Son of a Savior! Doesn't Henry take one last swing and slash Devin's cheek. Being Henry, he is immediately all, "Sorry, it was an accident." Pan says that the Best Thing about being a Lost Boy is that there is no apologizing. Henry faces the cheering horde, shouts, "Yeah," and raises his sword, victorious. We cut to...

Baelfire's Cave. Emma and Hook find where young Bae had marked his days trapped on Neverland. Emma realizes at some point he stopped marking the days because he lost hope. Regina snarks, "You got that from scribbles?" The flicker in her eyes when Emma tells her she recognizes what happened, because she'd do the same in each foster home is -- well, it's priceless. We all know Lana Parrilla is great at playing the big, campy villain, but man, her subtle work is even more impressive. In just that little glance, she manages to convey sympathy for Emma's childhood, respect for her acumen, and a ripple of guilt when she realizes her fault in the matter. Even better, Regina just as quickly she shuts it off.

Emma's afraid the same thing is happening to Henry, since he doesn't know they're there to rescue him. She tells the team Pan told her Henry would lose faith. She wants to get him a sign. There's more snark from Regina, but it gives Snow an idea. She leads the way out of the cave. Regina and Emma start to follow, but Hook detains Emma for a moment. He's trying to get close, to bond, to feel her pain. It's a move, sure, but it seems born of feelings, even some that radiate from above the belt. Emma doesn't do this, though. She doesn't bond. She makes that pretty clear to Hook and leaves him hanging. Once she's gone, Charming tells Hook, "She's never going to like you. [...] How could she? You're nothing but a pirate." The faraway look in Hook's eyes carries us into a flashback to a...

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Once Upon a Time




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