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We open Once Upon A Time, in the Enchanted Past. Snow is on the run from Regina's men. Will someone please tell me how to create a text macro for that phrase? I want one for Snow is on the run from Regina; Regina cries; and Emma's superpower fails. I use a MacBook Pro (with Pages word processing software).

Two soldiers chase Snow through the forest and to the edge of a cliff. Left with no other choice, Snow jumps into the water below. She doesn't hit her head or anything on the way down, but somehow, as soon as she plunges (feet first, mind you) into the water below, she is unconscious. How disappointing. I can understand if my fierce princess never learned to swim. I'm being generous there, as we first met her father, King Leopold, walking along the shore. I can't understand her not at least struggling to stay afloat. Does she have some weird water allergy that knocks her out as soon as she gets wet? How does she bathe? Oh, maybe that's why her long hair so often looks like a rat's nest.

Regardless of the cause of Snow's immediate drowning, it's Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) to the rescue. She drags Snow to the surface, where the princess regains consciousness instantly. I guess it is a weird water allergy. When Snow thanks Ariel, the mermaid says, "No problem. You might want to try diving in calmer waters, next time." Um, Show, we saw a shot of the water, before Snow took her flying leap. There were a couple of small, small white caps, and now, it's pretty evident the water is not rough. Also, why does it suddenly look like they're in a moonlit sea? It was broad daylight when Snow jumped, just seconds ago. Is there an eclipse, or what? Visually, this entire scene fails. Anyhow, Snow notices Ariel's tail, although how she manages to do so in the dark is beyond me. Ariel confirms she's a "...mermaid. The name's Ariel." The title card shows Ariel, seated on a boulder, shaking her tail.

Now, in Neverland, Regina is trying to train Emma to tap into her magical abilities. Emma complains that she can't focus with Regina talking at her. Regina says it's also hard when it's windy, or raining. She shoots a look toward Charming and Snow and adds, "...or [when] someone's shooting arrows at you." Ha. "Yes. Concentration is hard. That's the point. Find your anger and use it to focus."

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Once Upon a Time




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