Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Down the Rabbit Hole

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Hi, there! Did you watch this show? So did I! Congratulations to us! We are in an exclusive club of almost no people. Let’s try our best to enjoy this fraternity while it lasts.

We begin with a flashback to Alice’s childhood in Victorian England. (I guess? Time and space are blurred in this show, as you’ve no doubt noticed). Young Alice bursts out of a rabbit hole in the charming English countryside wearing the blue and white dress and apron famously depicted in the Disney animated feature. She runs to her father’s front door and finds him very surprised to see her. She starts to tell him all about the White Rabbit and her adventures, but he stops her to inform her that she was gone "a very long time" and that they thought she was dead. We then see Alice spying on her father talking to a nefarious bald man who tells her father she is delusional, and that he can cure her. Uh, with Victorian-era pharma? Good luck, bro.

After the credits we’re in "Present Day" (a Chyron told me so) Storybrooke, where a man is strolling down the middle of the damn street as a yellow VW Beetle (yes, yes, it’s Emma Swan’s car. I get it) honks and swerves out of his path. Whoever this guy is, he plays real fast and loose with traffic laws!

He heads straight to Granny’s, which has just closed for the night (hi, Grumpy!), but he storms on in anyway. So lawless! He pours a cup of coffee, leaves a dollar on the table, reconsiders, and takes the dollar back. I mean. He is a wild man. Suddenly the joint starts shakin' and the John Lithgow CGI White Rabbit bursts right through the floor, leaving a glowing golden rabbit hole right in the floor of the diner. Have fun dealing with the insurance company over that one, Granny.

The Rabbit reveals that the man is the Knave of Hearts. The Knave’s pretty annoyed his coffee break has been interrupted, but he softens when the Rabbit tells him they’re late to help Alice.

Cut to Bethlem Asylum in London, which is as dingy and creepy as it should be. Patients convulsing in the decrepit hallways, a lot of anonymous screaming in the background, and Alice, walking handcuffed and escorted by two large orderlies. They take her to a meeting with the nefarious bald man and his lackeys, where they discuss how she’s been there a year and has yet to recant her ludicrous stories of talking caterpillars, food and drinks that can alter one’s size, and a murderous Red Queen. Alice is withdrawn, trying to change her story and claim that she doesn’t remember any of that.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland




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