Once and Again
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All's Well That Ends Well

Lily and Rick are getting ready for bed. They are brushing their teeth. Ah, family life. Lots of mumbled conversations while white foam comes fizzling out of their mouths. Must be a bitch for the continuity people. The discussion is centered on Eli and why he was sent home from work early. Lily wants Rick to give Eli the benefit of the doubt. Then, she tells him he sounds like Karen. And then she says, "I think once -- just once -- you should consider the fact that your son might be innocent."

Cue the cough cough splutter splutter of Grace as she tries to smoke dope for the first time. Eli has a huge roach clip. They are listening to some "mood music," as he lies back on a couch; Grace has her back up against it while she sits on the floor. Eli asks if Grace wants some water. Grace declines. Eli asks if she's sure, because she keeps "moistening her lips." Which Grace thinks is really funny because she's high. Blah, it's a weird word, blah. Cue boring pseudo-drug conversation. Grace smacks her lips together a couple of times, and says "moisten" just to see how it feels. Eli wants to know who's bringing her down, man. Grace changes the subject. She wants to know if he's really coming to the play. Yes! He's coming to the play. Grace doesn't believe him. He lies back and looks so very cool. Heh. "Because, look, you were supposed to come tonight, and you didn't, so I just want to know ahead of time so I can be prepared for what happens." Grace's own speech even bums her out. She looks at her fingers for a minute and then contemplates joining the cast of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Eli says he'll be there, for sure, dude. Oh -- then Grace starts to freak out a little bit, and complains that the dope is just making her worries worse; Eli tells her to lie down and relax. Grace: "I can hear my heart beating! It's way too loud." Eli climbs on the bed after Grace lies down. He tells her, again, to relax. Then, she asks if he can hear her heart beating, too. It's actually kind of cute, this drug-paranoid Grace. Eli keeps telling her to breathe. Grace: "I can't do that play tomorrow night." Ah, sure she can. No, she can't. Then, Eli tells her just to quit. Only Grace can't quit -- people are depending on her; it's like a job. To top it all off, Lily volunteered their house for the cast party. Hell, you can't just let people down like that. Only, you can, and I'm sure Eli has, and whoa, the pressure's really getting to him now. Their faces are really close to one another. Eli wishes he were more like Grace. Grace thinks that's silly, because she's making a total fool of herself. Ah, poor Grace. "See. I actually thought I was good. And I'm not." Eli looks at her tenderly and says, "Then do it one more time. Just for me." He tells her to forget about everyone else, and do it just for him; she smiles because she can do that. She falls back on his bed and tells him she's never smoking pot again; he brushes back her hair, and she falls asleep. Ah, Grace, you are a complex person, and it makes for really good television.

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Once and Again




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