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All's Well That Ends Well

Backstage. Grace is in her usual position before her mirror. The door opens, and Mr. Dimitri appears. Before coming into the room, he asks if everyone's decent. Grace calls out, "Yeah! It's just me. Everyone else is late." Of course they are. Dimitri calls the rest of the cast "worms." Okay, it's a half an hour to curtain and no one -- not a stage manager, not a set person, not a single cast member other than Grace is there? Please. Grace wants to know if Dimitri has seen "the paper." Dimitri thinks there might be actual news he's missing. Grace continues to fiddle with her hair. She smiles, and explains that she's talking about the school newspaper: "We got a rave review." Dimitri puts some more clothes down and says, "That's nice." Grace continues, "They said really nice things about -- " (Insert the requisite prompting her teacher to talk about her performance here.) "...everyone. You should read it." Blah, he's so great, blah he doesn't read reviews, blah he's a mysterious artist, blah crap, blah. Grace: "You don't? Even when it's positive?" Well, according to Dimitri, those are the worst kind. He smiles condescendingly at her, grumbles something along the lines of "where the heck is everyone?" and leaves the dressing room.

Backstage. Everyone is here now. Jessie's costume is way, way too big for her. She tries talking to Sarah, who barks, "Well, maybe you lost weight." Everyone looks at Jessie in that "you know she has a problem about her weight so why would you say that?" kind of way. Jessie stomps off, and Sarah follows her. A stage managers whispers, "Cue 86, go now!" We're mid-performance, because Grace has her fake beard on.

Onstage. Grace does some serious overacting. She weeps, on cue. She whines, on cue. She does that whole Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love cadence thing when she speaks. Blah, she's a man, blah. This scene is actually painful to watch. Rosalind, dressed as a man, is moaning about the man she loves, but because of the whole charade, she can't let him know her feelings. Grace is stiff and her sentences come out all choppy. It's like she's just trying way, way too hard.

The token front-of-house glimpse is of Rick glancing at Karen across the auditorium. She looks captivated.

Stage Right. Cue the girls' semi-fight. Sarah says, "You know you're not the star of this show." Jessie responds, "I know." Sarah: "I don't see anyone else complaining about their costumes." Jessie: "Because their costumes fit!" The stage manager shushes Sarah, and she stomps off in a fit.

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Once and Again




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