Once and Again
Tough Love

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All's Well That Ends Well

Eli comes in the back door and drapes his arm around Grace. Lily chastises him for not showing up while she takes a gargantuan cake out of the fridge. Grace throws Eli's hand off her shoulder and lunges forward to get the forks Lily forgot. Eli looks at Grace, and quietly asks, "Grace? Do you need any help?" Ah, he's so sorry he's such a schmuck. Grace turns back to look at Eli, says she can handle it, and leaves him alone with Dimitri. Eli apologizes for missing the play, asks if he's Mr. Dimitri, and introduces himself as Grace's stepbrother. They talk about mutual mentioning. Dimitri asks if Eli is a musician, but before Eli can stutter out an answer, the teacher floats on his own ego back into the other room. Eli, alone again and feeling really sorry for himself, says, "No. I'm not really anything." Hold back the tears, girls. I know. Just hold them back. Grab a tissue. It's going to be okay. The party continues. The cake is cut, and all the performances are over.

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Once and Again




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